Key visuals of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design highlight Vietnamese culture

Key visuals of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design highlight Vietnamese culture

The upcoming Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design (VFCD) 2021 found its key visuals through a graphic design contest celebrating innovative ideas that reflect the Vietnamese culture and lifestyles.

As part of the festival, the VFCD Graphic Design Contest 2021: Key Visual & Creative Merchandise was initiated as a theme-based contest that challenges young participants to define and express a strong presence for VFCD 2021 under the theme 'Creative Future: How the cultural and creative industries enhance the social and economic development of Vietnam and promote the smart development of Vietnam’s major cities'.

news-1-key-visuals-of-vietnam-festival-of-creativity-design-highlight-vietnamese-culture Nguyen Ngoc Thu, a 21-year-old student from Hanoi, won the best idea with her design concept “Balancing the intersections”, inspired by timeless everyday imageries of Vietnam.

Nguyen Ngoc Thu, a 21-year-old student from Hanoi, won the best idea with her design concept “Balancing the intersections”, which was made with lines and cubes.

Thu’s design was inspired by timeless everyday imageries of Vietnam such as flower vendors in Hanoi’s Old Quarters or ferry boats resting on the banks of the Mekong Delta. Yet the imageries are converted seamlessly into modern and industrial-style designs.

Her design will be developed further and become the key visuals to be applied throughout the festival. She will be featured and mentioned as the Creative Partner of VFCD 2021 and will take home a prize worth 25 million VND.

news-2-key-visuals-of-vietnam-festival-of-creativity-design-highlight-vietnamese-culture Nguyen Hoang Manh Khang, 26, from Ho Chi Minh City won the inspiring award with his design concept “the harmony of the symbolic elements”.

Three awards for inspiring ideas were also granted to 26-year-old Nguyen Hoang Manh Khang and 22-year-old Ngo Quang Trung from Ho Chi Minh City, and 22-year-old Ngo Nguyen Thuy Anh from Helsinki (Finland). They will receive an honorary gift of five million VND each.

All four winning entries take into account the use of technology and flexibility across digital channels, which is very important for interactive billboards and digital collaterals as a majority of the festival is likely to be held entirely online.

RMIT Dean of the School of Communication & Design Professor Julia Gaimster highlighted Vietnam’s distinctive heritage and culture have been conveyed through the contest entries, especially through the four winning entries.

“I am impressed with how the designs have tried to strike a balance between modern and traditional elements of Vietnamese cultures and lifestyles. The contestants – all of them young people -- clearly wanted to appeal to both local and international audiences,” Professor Gaimster said.

“They also showed us very clear, professional, forward thinking and well-researched presentations, as well as are talented in the use of technology, with many innovative ideas that would appeal to a variety of audiences.”

The design contest attracted 37 individuals and groups of Vietnamese contestants aged 18-30 from all over Vietnam and abroad.

The contest was beneficial to not only the contestants but also to hundreds of young designers and audiences who directly participated in the two workshops organised by VFCD 2021: Designing Key Visuals & Creative Merchandise: The Dos and Don'ts led by reputable design company Hands Collective; and From VFMD to VFCD and beyond: What we've learnt led by Behalf Studio - the designers behind the impressive key visuals of the previous two editions of VFCD.

The upcoming third annual VFCD is organised by RMIT University in Vietnam, in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture & Arts Studies (VICAS) and COLAB Vietnam.

Story: Le Mong Thuy

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