RMIT Film-making Talent Search Competition nurtures budding filmmakers

RMIT Film-making Talent Search Competition nurtures budding filmmakers

The Film-making Talent Search Competition offer high school students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents, and to gain in-depth knowledge on film making.

news-1-rmit-film-making-talent-search-competition-nurtures-budding-filmmakers Program manager of RMIT's new Bachelor of Digital Film and Video program Nick Cope (pictured left) presenting first place to S.I.U, the team that produced the film “Phone Off”.

Organised by RMIT University in Vietnam in collaboration with Hoa Hoc Tro, the nine-month long competition, attracted more than 200 students from 20 high schools across Vietnam.

The submissions covered three main topics, including family values, school life, and bullying or school violence, and received positive feedbacks from expert judges.

The judging panel included the Director of many viral online videos Huynh Lap, Director of the current top trending Vietnamese music video producer Kawaii Tuan Anh Director, the Director of Busan International Film Festival (with the award winning film Rom) Tran Thanh Huy, and RMIT Program Manager of the new Bachelor of Digital Film and Video program Dr Nick Cope.

Selected teams got a chance to participate in a series of skill-building training workshops on making films and digital videos led by popular YouTube channel owner Dustin Phuc Nguyen and RMIT lecturers. 

news-4-rmit-film-making-talent-search-competition-nurtures-budding-filmmakers La Nha’s (It’s Home) film “Chuyen Dep, Chuyen Nha” (Flip-Flop Story, Family Story) received second place at an award ceremony held at CGV Crescent Mall, Ho Chi Minh City.

The award ceremony was held at CGV Crescent Mall in Ho Chi Minh City, where 13 teams were short-listed. The winning team, S.I.U with the film “Phone Off” impressed audiences and judges with their chosen camera angles and notable story telling approach. The second prize belonged to team La Nha (It’s Home) with the film “Chuyen Dep, Chuyen Nha” (Flip-Flop Story, Family Story).

Dr Cope was thrilled with enthusiasm and engagement of the student filmmakers, and hopes to keep the competition running annually.

“The competition allows us to involve with wider community and support nurturing potential talents for the Vietnamese film industry,” Dr Cope said.

06 October 2020


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