Vicki Little

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School: The Business School
Department: Business Innovation
Position: Senior Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South
ORCID: 0000-0002-6146-5413

Drawing on her research and her industry background in advertising and corporate marketing, she teaches at all levels (PhD, MBA, undergraduate); including capstone strategy units, qualitative research methods, sustainability and innovation, business to business marketing and entrepreneurship. Her previous positions were at the University of Auckland and Monash University Malaysia.

  • 2005: PhD, University of Auckland 
  • 1989: MBA, University of Otago
  • 1987: BCom (Marketing), University of Otago

  • Digital Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration

  • Macromarketing systems/ macrosocial marketing
  • Marketing syllabus and climate change
  • Sustainability-oriented innovation, ecopreneurship
  • Gender equity, sustainable livelihoods & microentrepreneurship
  • Food waste, nature-based solutions, sustainable food provisioning systems
  • Post-qualitative research methods
  • Member of the Sustainable Development research cluster.

She has produced over 20 top journal papers and book chapters, and more than 50 papers in refereed conference proceedings.

  • Forthcoming. NAYAK, R, CLEVELAND D, TRAN G, JOSEPH F, AND LITTLE VJ, "Fabricating Bioplastics from Kombucha: Ingredients and Characterization for Fashion and Textile Applications." In Innovative Approaches to Handle Plastic Waste and Foster Bio-Based Plastics Production, Leal, W. ed.: Springer.
  • Forthcoming. CLEVELAND D, JOSEPH F, LITTLE VJ, NAYAK R. Sustainable livelihoods through reduced plastic waste: Collaborative community-based sustainability-oriented innovation. In: Leal Filho W, editor. Innovative Approaches to Handle Plastic Waste and Foster Bio-based Plastics Production. Leal, W. ed.: Springer.
  • Forthcoming HELM, S., LITTLE, V. J. & FRETHEY-BENTHAM, C. Forthcoming. "“No marketing on a dead planet”: Rethinking marketing education to support a restoration economy. Journal of Macromarketing, 1-18.
  • 2023. LITTLE, V.J., HOLMLUND, POLSA, & NAIDU Towards More Resilient Food Production Systems: Implanting Sustainability-Oriented Innovation." Journal of Cleaner Production. 385, 135708
  • 2023. LITTLE, V.J, HO H.H.P, AND ETI-TOFINGA B, "Not Weird at All! Towards More Pluralistic Economies and Sustainable Livelihoods." Journal of Macromarketing,43(2) 190-214.
  • 2022. KUNCHAMBOO V.K., LITTLE V.J. & CHEAH S.K.A. Common cause, coopetition or competition? Resource contestation in food waste management networks. Journal of Macromarketing. 43(2) 255-273
  • 2022. KUNCHAMBOO & LITTLE.  Four ecotourism archetypes: Expressing symbolic consumer desires. Journal of Ecotourism. 28 (May), 1-16.
  • 2022. HELM. S.A & LITTLE, V. J. Macromarketing our way towards a zero-carbon future. Journal of Macromarketing, editorial, special issue on macromarketing and climate change. 42:2, 262-266.
  • 2022. BAKER, J., LITTLE, V.J., BRODIE, R. A. Towards socially responsible business: A typology of value postures in nested service ecosystems. Handbook of Service Management, Evardsson, Tronvoll, Shandrew, (Eds), Thousand Oaks: Sage.
  • 2020. CHONG, C. L., KUNCHAMBOO, V., & LITTLE, V. J.  Understanding Identity Transformation through Cultural Product Consumption. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 1-7.
  • 2019. LITTLE V. J., LEE C.K.C. & NAIR, S.R. Macro-demarketing: Unlocking unsustainable production and consumption systems. Journal of Macromarketing, 39(2), 166-187. 
  • 2016. WU, A., LITTLE, V. J. & LOW, B. Inbound open innovation in pharmaceutical markets: A case study of an anti-diabetic drug in-licensing decision. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 31(3) 205-218.
  • 2016. NAIR, S., & LITTLE, V. J. Context, culture and green consumption. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, Online, (, 1-16.

  • 2023: ISMAIL, A.S, CHAN, L.T., ROSLI S., LITTLE V.J. Is Malaysia Having a Menopause Moment Too? Analysing the Socio-Cultural Formation of the Local Menopause Market. University of Southampton Malaysia Research Seed Grant, RM7520.
  • 2023: CLEVELAND, D., NAYAK, R., JOSEPH, F., LITTLE V.J. Material Futures: Exploring biobased materials, local production opportunities and applications to support the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam. Tier II-RMIT-CSIRO Co-funded project. VND250,000,000; AUD13,439 
  • 2022: TRAN D. T., LITTLE V.J., THANH, V.Q., NGUYEN, T.B., BAULCH, R. Towards Sustainable Resource Management: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Factors Determining Land Use Dynamics in Tien Giang province in Mekong Delta Vietnam. RUVN internal research grant, $US7900. IRG 2022-4.
  • 2019: TOFINGA, B., & LITTLE, V.J. - Towards a stronger society in Malaysia: Issues and challenges for female micro-entrepreneurs in the informal economy, Monash School of Business seed grant, $US2200.

2 completions, 2 current:

  • Pre-proposal - Soline Le - Entrepreneurial women and digital transformation 
  • Early stage – Janie Chin Hsien Yeen – Social licence to operate and contested technology diffusion (Monash Malaysia, external panel member)
  • Chong Chooi Ling (2021) From lurker to community cultivator: Understanding identity transformation processes through cultural product consumption (Monash Malaysia)
  • Chan Lay Tyng (2020). Cleaning up the system: A tale of paranoia and practices (Monash Malaysia)

  • 2023 Stanley J Shapiro award for best reviewer – Macromarketing Society
  • 2018 Head of School’s award for Education Engagement (Monash University)
  • 2011 Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Teaching (Monash University)
  • 2011 Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching (Monash University)
  • 2005 Emerald/ EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award – Business to Business category
  • 2000 Distinguished Teaching Award (University of Auckland)
  • 1988 JW Hayward Award in Commerce (University of Otago)

  • 2023 Ho Chi Minh Political Academy short course
  • 2022 Aus4Skills Leading in the Age of Digital Disruption in Vocational Education and Training
  • 2021 De Heus Vietnam short course
  • 2016 Case research short course – Monash Malaysia

  • RMIT University Vietnam (2021-  ): Office of the Dean - Program Manager Engagement; Senior Lecturer Department of Business Innovation
  • Monash University Malaysia (2018-2021; 2011-2014): Department of Marketing – Senior Lecturer, Interim Head; University Directorate - Project Director; School of Business – Interim MBA Director International, Deputy Head of School Education Innovation; Leader, Asian Business Strategy Education Strength
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand (2015-2017; 1993-2010; 2015-2017): Depts of Marketing/ Management & International Business – Professional Teaching Fellow,  Department of Marketing - Honorary Lecturer; Senior Lecturer (over the bar) Departmental Coordinator, Graduate School of Business
  • Consulting projects (NZ, 1993-2010) including Fonterra Ingredients, Wrightson Seeds, NRM, Tegel Foods, Family Planning Association, Osteoporosis NZ, Fisher & Paykel Appliances.
  • Pre 2000: Executive director Buchanan Tackle (NZ) Limited (start-up); Marketing Concepts (NZ) (start-up consultancy); Executive leasing, Marketing Services, James Hardie Pty; Marketing Manager, Sky Network Television NZ (start-up); Product Manager, Philips NZ; National Media Manager, Leo Burnett Advertising NZ