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RMIT FinTech Blockchain Competition 2022

The mission of the RMIT Fintech Blockchain Competition is to promote the application of Blockchain/Fintech for university and high school students. The RMIT Fintech Blockchain Competition is an annual national competition inviting current students to propose solutions for real-world problems with Blockchain/Fintech. The competition is to promote awareness of the Blockchain/Fintech application and enhance the participants’ practical skills and knowledge in tackling real-world problems.

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RMIT FinTech Blockchain Conference 2022

Fintech and Blockchain are disruptive innovations transforming the foundations of traditional financial markets, the economy and society. These modern technologies have the potential to significantly change & create new business models as well as to become the base layer for the digital economy. As the financial sectors across the globe are moving from the observation phase to the implementation phase of Fintech and Blockchain technology, financial institutions and experts need to understand how FinTech and Blockchain technology can contribute to the economy before they can fully unlock their potential.

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Previous industry events and seminars

Israel Embassy (18 May 2019)

Dr. Binh was the keynote speaker at the “Fintech – accelerating digital transformation through AI & Automation Technologies” conference organized by the Embassy of Israel Vietnam in co-operation with the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute. 

In the event, Dr. Binh Nguyen Thanh discussed the FinTech landscape in Vietnam and made recommendations to Israeli and Vietnamese financial institutions on how to leverage technology to enhance their financial services. This gathering of six leading Israeli FinTech companies and around 150 representatives from firms, banks and insurance companies from Vietnam set the foundation for future Israel-Vietnam alliances in FinTech. 

Ministry of Justice (13 December 2019)

Dr. Binh was invited by the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice to present about the Blockchain landscape as well as the current challenges in Vietnam at the Conference about "Constructing and Finalizing the Regulatory Framework for Blockchain-based Applications and Services" on the 13th December 2019 in Saigon. Dr. Binh highlighted the importance of regulatory sandboxes for Blockchain applications and provided recommendations to the Ministry of Justice on the creation of regulatory sandboxes in his positioning paper and presentation.

The participants of the conference include high level government officials from the Ministry of Public Security, the State Bank of Vietnam, the State Securities Commission of Vietnam, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Justice of Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Taxation of Ho Chi Minh City and leading companies in the Technology space.

Workshops in Digital Trends (18 November and 30 December 2020)

In this series of workshops, Dr. Nguyen An Khuong has discussed various topics on blockchain fundamentals and its applications to academics of the Department of Economics and Finance. These workshops help academics understand how to use blockchain to solve economic problems, provide hands-on experience with blockchain applications in Vietnam and the world. These workshops also reflect the materials in FinTech, Crypto and Blockchain courses currently offered at RMIT that promote and help students familiarize with the potentials of Blockchain.

RMIT FinTech-Blockchain Competition 2021

RMIT FinTech-Blockchain Competition is a national blockchain competition for university and high school students expected to take place in 2021.

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17th PRSCO 2021

The conference was held in 2021 at RMIT University in Vietnam (11-13 August 2021)

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Cryptofinancial Innovations and the Cryptofinance Landscape in Vietnam (1 October 2021)

Dr Binh Nguyen provided a guest lecture on Cryptofinance in Vietnam for a Webinar of CPA Australia. In the session, he discussed the big idea of cryptofinance and the technology behind, the current most important use cases: Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptofinance landscape in Vietnam and the potential disruption induced by cryptofinance in Vietnam and worldwide.

Vietnam Blockchain Day 2021

Dr. Binh Nguyen was invited by Binance to present at the Vietnam Blockchain Day 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City. In his presentation he introduced the big ideas of Blockchain and Cryptofinance to an audience of over one thousand people from the industry. He also highlighted the importance of education and research institutions in the current (maybe most) significant paradigm shift in the financial system transitioning from analogue assets and financial products to digital assets and cryptofinancial innovations for a borderless digital economy.

RMIT FinTech-Blockchain Forum 2021

The Forum will be held online via Zoom and Gather Town at RMIT University Vietnam on Saturday 20th November 2021.

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