About the Hub


Technology has been changing the business landscape, challenging status quo, yet, creating opportunities to business leaders for innovative ways of thinking and potential growth. Financial Technology – FinTech – refers to technological innovations in the areas of banking and finance, facilitating the interactions among market participants and promoting the efficiency of transactions. Until now, many applications of FinTech have been widely available to users around the world. 

At the same time, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology have risen to one of the hottest topics in finance. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum and the application of the technology behind these cryptocurrencies in finance have not only attracted various researchers on the endeavour of challenging mainstream financial theory but also investors who would like to invest in an entirely new asset class.


The FinTech-Crypto Hub is therefore created to tackle this issue and promote the reputation of RMIT Vietnam as one of the first higher education institutions that provide leading courses in the field of finance not only in Vietnam or the region but also in the world. Together with the growth of FinTech and cryptocurrency, the industry has now demanded the graduates to possess a more updated skillsets and knowledge.

Therefore, the Hub will play an important role in training the students to meet the industry demand by offering new features in Economics & Finance program curriculum. In addition, the Hub will strengthen academic research and build both academic and industry talents in this very new field.