These courses are provided as part of select undergraduate degrees and general elective at RMIT's School of Business & Management.

Financial Technology – OMGT2326

Technology has been changing the business landscape, challenging the status quo, yet creating opportunities for business leaders for innovative ways of thinking and potential growth. Financial Technology FinTech refers to technological innovations in the areas of banking and finance, facilitating the interactions among market participants and promoting the efficiency of transactions. In this course you will examine the trends in the development of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, digital payments and lending as well as digital platforms for wealth management and insurance technology. The course will also provide insights into tax implications, political issues and the regulatory framework on Financial Technology.

Cryptofinance & Cryptocurrency – BAFI3250

This course will introduce you to the basics of money, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology. You will be introduced to the taxonomy of cryptoassets including cryptocurrency. You will analyse and understand the development of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. You will understand the application of mainstream financial theory, including valuation theory, to cryptocurrency. You will investigate venture capital opportunities using cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. You will explore the implications of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology to the banking, taxation and regulatory system.

The Blockchain Economy – ECON1558

This course will introduce you to the economic foundations necessary to understand distributed ledger technology for the economy, markets, firms, government, and civil society. You will be introduced to, and apply, institutional cryptoeconomics as a general framework to understand the blockchain economy. The applications of blockchain technology will include money, supply chains, identity, cryptodemocracy, and civil society. You will consider some of the political and ethical challenges generated by this new technology, including public policy implications.

Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World – LAW2558

This course provides you with the opportunity to engage with current legal issues in the digital business environment. You will understand and critique issues relating to areas including Blockchain technology and crypto currencies, cybercrime, Fintech, and the internet, as they impact on business conducted digitally. You will also critique the privacy concerns that arise out of digital business practices and reflect on the legal ethical issues that arise in digital business.

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