New collaboration to boost research in information systems

New collaboration to boost research in information systems

The new Vietnam Chapter of the Association of Information Systems (VAIS) aims to speed up the digitisation of Vietnam’s economy even more by fostering cooperation in the research, teaching and practice of information systems.

With members in around 100 countries, the Association for Information Systems (AIS) is one of the most prestigious research groups worldwide to focus on information systems, which, in essence, concern the management and use of technologies and are often seen as a key building block of the digital economy.

Recognising the limited exposure of Vietnam-based academics to international research in information systems and the AIS community in particular, four senior academics from RMIT University, the University of Hong Kong, and the University of Economics and Law (Vietnam National University - HCMC) have recently established a chapter of the AIS in Vietnam – the VAIS.

news-new-collaboration-to-boost-research-in-information-systems-1 The Vietnam Chapter of the Association of Information Systems (VAIS) aims to connect industry to academia in the research, teaching and practice of information systems. (Image: VAIS)

Dr Nguyen Hoang Thuan, Senior Program Manager for Digital Business at RMIT University, said that one of the core purposes of the Vietnam chapter is to connect industry to academia by conducting practical research related to information systems and technology management.

In fact, the four founding academics of the VAIS are co-editing a book titled “Information Systems Research in Vietnam - A Shared Vision and New Frontiers”, to be published by Springer in 2022. The team is calling for chapter submissions from institutions in Vietnam, with further details available here.

RMIT School of Business & Management Senior Lecturer Dr Duy Dang-Pham shared that VAIS will also facilitate collaboration between universities in Vietnam and the world in the research of management information systems (MIS) in particular.

Essentially, MIS explores how information technology and business knowledge can be combined to analyse and build sophisticated business information systems.

“To our knowledge, VAIS is the first formal research association in Vietnam to facilitate a network of collaboration between industries and universities in Vietnam in terms of MIS research,” Dr Duy said.

news-new-collaboration-to-boost-research-in-information-systems-2 RMIT Senior Lecturers Dr Nguyen Hoang Thuan (pictured left) and Dr Duy Dang-Pham (pictured right) are founding members of the VAIS.

Several public and private universities in Vietnam are currently offering information systems courses and programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

At RMIT in Vietnam, for instance, information systems courses are relevant to many disciplines including Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Economics and Finance, Human Resource Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business and Technology (launching in 2022), and more.

Considering the high demand for technology-related qualifications in Vietnam, the VAIS also aims to contribute to uplifting the quality of teaching information systems and technology innovations in the country.

“Membership in our association is open to everyone. We welcome academics, students, businesses and everybody with an interest in information systems. Members will gain access to the global AIS library and receive updates about the association’s activities,” Dr Duy explained.

Find more about the VAIS here.

Story: Ngoc Hoang

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