RMIT students won national champion of a global brainstorming competition

RMIT students won national champion of a global brainstorming competition

A team of three RMIT Vietnam students were crowned the national champion of the L’Oreal Brandstorm Competition 2021 with their innovative idea to use technology to enhance the online shopping experience.

The winning team, named The Mountaineers, had to create a project to boost the beauty shopping experience and customer satisfaction through entertainment.

RMIT’s Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) student Tran Dan Khanh, one of the team members, explained that e-commerce has revolutionised how businesses conduct their daily operations, but it is being hindered due to some limitations toward online shoppers.

“In 2020, the online sale of the beauty and personal care industry rose by 22% and became the fastest-growing channel to engage customers,” Khanh added. “However, there have been some limitations including no physical product try-on, lack of physical guidance and unclear product quality.”

thumbnail-rmit-students-won-national-champion-of-a-global-brainstorming-competition A team of three RMIT students taken with their mentor Hua My sang (second from left) were crowned the national champion of a global brainstorming competition.

Khanh, along with teammates Duong Bich Van and Dang Dinh Quoc Bao, came up with a concept called FEELIN using haptic technology.

“Our project has developed a wearable tactile mask based on haptic technology,” Khanh said.

RMIT’s Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance) student Dang Dinh Quoc Bao explained the haptic devices will provide a human touch in a virtual sense.

“After researching and considering several technologies, we realised that haptic technology can be easily associated with something your body can recognise as a sensory feeling such as the ability to feel heat and cold, pain and vibrations,” Bao said.

"It is promisingly to bring plenty of virtual sensory feelings to facial skins of users,” Bao expected.

“Through this project, customers can experience virtual images on mobile devices and accompanying entertainment applications.”

news-2-rmit-students-won-national-champion-of-a-global-brainstorming-competition The winning team, The Mountaineers, presented a concept called FEELIN to enhance online shopping experience.

The team will participate in the Global Semi-Final in May and compete with top students around the world.

RMIT’s Bachelor of Languages student Duong Bich Van revealed both challenges and opportunities for the team during the competition.

“The fast pace of the competition between the regional and national final rounds has made us work more intensively; we had to stay up late many nights to complete our work and manage our studying at the same time,” Van said.

“The current topic requires the ability to think outside the box and conduct more in-depth research. We were well prepared for the task because of RMIT’s style of instruction and form of assessment”.

Looking to the next round of the competition, the team is working on their pitching skills so that they can deliver their ideas in an engaging way within the required time limit.

Story: Thuy Le

27 April 2021


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