RMIT fosters future leaders through scholarship program

RMIT fosters future leaders through scholarship program

Through the 109 scholarships worth 49 billion VND awarded in 2020, RMIT University will provide opportunities for young people in Vietnam, and around the world to expand and develop the skills, knowledge and experiences to enable them to excel and make impactful contribution in a global work environment.

news-1-rmit-fosters-future-leaders-through-scholarship-program A glance at RMIT Vietnam’s scholarship program

RMIT Vietnam Chairman Professor Peter Coloe considered it a privilege to play a part in inspiring, educating and nurturing Vietnam’s future leaders and described RMIT’s role as “a responsibility we take very seriously”.

“As a University, we’re incredibly passionate about the communities we are involved with and our scholarship program is one example of how RMIT reinvests in Vietnam and the wider region to support deserving students,” Professor Coloe said.

“In the past 19 years, we have awarded more than 1,330 scholarships, worth approximately 319 billion VND.  

“Our scholarship alumni have gone on to achieve some extraordinary things.”

Professor Coloe encouraged all 2020 scholarship recipients to take the opportunity to forge their own path.

“You are our future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs and I have no doubt you will all make us proud, just as the scholarship recipients have done before you,” he said.  

“We hope you will continue to embody our RMIT values of inclusion, imagination, agility, courage, passion and impact throughout your studies and in all that you do.” 

news-2-rmit-fosters-future-leaders-through-scholarship-program RMIT Vietnam Chairman Professor Peter Coloe virtually discussed ambitions and goals with the new Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars.

When accepting the most prestigious scholarship, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar Nguyen My Nhi and co-founder of the “For better soft skills of K’Ho students” group shared her scholarship promise: “I formed the group with seven K’Ho female students from Tam Bo secondary school earlier this year to empower them to lead change and improve outcomes for disadvantaged families in their community.”

“I will continue to lead the group and hope to create greater impact in the community through the connections I will make at RMIT,” Nhi said.

Of the 1,472 students who applied this year, 109 met or exceeded the requirements.

Allocated across 15 categories, RMIT scholarships offer 100%, 50% and 25% of tuition fees and are available in a variety of subject areas including the new programs at RMIT, digital film and video.

RMIT Vietnam Executive Dean (Academic & Students) Professor Rick Bennett emphasised that part of the scholarship program was to offer life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged Vietnamese people who otherwise may not be able to access higher education. 

“Since 2014 as part of our annual scholarship program, RMIT has focused on community impact and awarded 16 scholarships to students who are living in disadvantaged circumstances both physically and financially, with a total value of more than 26 billion VND,” he said.

“This year, RMIT has made a decision to expand its full-funded scholarships in partnership with four not-for-profit organisations, REACH, KOTO, Vietnam Blind Association, and Sao Mai Center for the Blind.

“As well as receiving a full English and Higher Education tuition fee, monthly living stipend, accommodation, a laptop and home travel allowance (if applicable), the four recipients will benefit from the expertise and global experience of RMIT’s academic staff, high-quality facilities and infrastructure, as well as an industry-informed curriculum and strong industry connections.”

RMIT Vietnam scholarships are awarded annually to high school students who have achieved exemplary academic grades and demonstrated outstanding community engagement and leadership potential.

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Story: Ha Hoang

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