RMIT alumnus takes family business to new heights

RMIT alumnus takes family business to new heights

Tran Hong Hanh has redefined her family business by creating one of Vietnam’s leading children’s clothing lines – Rabity Retail

Hanh took the opportunity to transform her 17-year-old family business, Tan Phu Company into a children’s fashion retailer after graduating from RMIT Vietnam with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).

“I saw many parents, regardless of the obstacles, trying to buy clothes for their children overseas. This reflected the perception that foreign brands were superior to domestic brands,” Hanh said.

“With Rabity, I’ve aimed to [create] a trusted local brand, offering world-class quality clothes that are fashionably designed, so that parents can easily buy the best clothes at affordable prices for their angels.”

A former accounting student at RMIT Vietnam, Hanh is one of many students to follow a career path outside of her degree. Despite the difficulties of adapting to a new environment, Hanh used her experience at RMIT Vietnam to flourish in the retail industry, capitalising on the university’s well-rounded education.

“There is a lot to learn for a graduate after entering the workplace, especially in an industry different from his or her major,” Hanh said

“For example, in the retail industry, I’ve had to learn about consumer psychology and creating a superior shopping experience, which are new concepts to an accounting student. These require continuous learning.”

“On the other hand, the accounting degree helped me greatly in analyzing financial results and in making crucial decisions.”

“In the end, financial security is the backbone of any business.”

Hanh’s success stems from her time at Enactus RMIT Hanoi, where she implemented entrepreneurial projects and began working with project innovation.

“The experience at Enactus taught me how a sustainable business can empower and enhance the quality of life of people in need. This philosophy greatly influences my view point in business,” Hanh said.

Tran Hong Hanh joins her models on the catwalk while promoting Rabity Retail's new line. Tran Hong Hanh joins her models on the catwalk while promoting Rabity Retail's new line.

Despite the challenges of working in a different field, Hanh’s business now sells over 1,500 items a day, has over 40 stores in Vietnam, and continues to expand its product range. Hanh’s advice to RMIT students is this:

“Don’t always frame your job opportunities within the major you are learning. Find what you love to do. Try and fail, and then try again.”

Story: Daniel Eslick

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