RMIT Vietnam teams snag awards at 48 Hour Film Fest

RMIT Vietnam teams snag awards at 48 Hour Film Fest

Several teams of current RMIT Vietnam students and alumni won recognition at the recent 48-Hour Film Festival, held in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

‘The Warfare of Heartbreak,’ created by the YOLO Pictures team consisting of ten RMIT Vietnam alumni and students, took fourth place in the Best Picture category. The movie also won Best Screenplay and Vu Nguyen Viet Linh, an RMIT student, won Best Actress for her role. Vu Duy Quang, a 2015 RMIT Vietnam graduate with a degree in Multimedia Design, helped produce the film.

“To be honest, we didn’t expect it to be received so well,” Mr Quang said. “We’re perfectionists, so we see a lot of things that could’ve been improved.” The movie portrayed the story of a young woman going through her first heartbreak while dealing with her internal battles.

David Moore, an associate lecturer at the School of Communication & Design at RMIT Vietnam’s Hanoi campus, explained the school’s role in the festival, which included the campus being the primary location for the festival’s activities in the capital.

“Myself and the RMIT Student Council contributed over 35 hours of face-to-face participation, not including all of the logistical time, between the 5th and 11th of June,” Mr Moore said.

“The RMIT Student Council was amazing in supporting me in all events, and my particular thanks go to Vu Hoang Minh, the student vice president, and Nguyen Thanh Thao, the student president, who worked tirelessly to support me and represent RMIT at their very best.”

Mr Minh, for his part, was grateful for the assistance. “We owe a lot to RMIT and its community for the education that led us on the first steps of this filmmaking journey,” he said. “Our lead actress is also an RMIT student, and a lot of RMIT students also got involved and helped us out on the shoot itself.”

‘The Sleepwalkers,’ a film created by current RMIT Hanoi students, won Best Behind the Scenes Video in the Audience Choice segment of the awards.

Nguyen Trung Hieu, a Professional Communication student who helped produce the film, was thrilled by the experience. “I was speechless while my friends all happily discussed it after the screening,” he said. “It was awesome, and inside of my mind, I was jumping.”

About the YOLO Pictures Team

The team that took fourth place in the Best Picture category consisted of ten RMIT Vietnam alumni and students.

Tran Van Chinh - Writer, Producer (RMIT Alumni)

Bui Nguyen Dieu An - Director, Writer (RMIT Alumni)

Vu Duy Quang - Cinematographer, Colourist (RMIT Alumni)

Tang Kieu Phuong - Camera Operator, Sound Assistant

Le Nhat Thanh - Art Director (RMIT Alumni)

Nguyen Dinh Qui - Assistant Director, Editor (RMIT Alumni)

Nguyen Minh Hai - Production Assistant (RMIT Alumni)

Van Ngoc Thanh - Lighting Gaffer, Sound Designer (RMIT Alumni)

Vu Viet Quang - Production Assistant (RMIT Student)

Nguyen Manh Khoi - Production Assistant (RMIT Student)

Le Kim Khuyen - Graphic Designer (RMIT Alumni)

Story: Michael Tatarski

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