Q&A: Scholarship Recipient and Filmmaker Vu Viet Quang

Q&A: Scholarship Recipient and Filmmaker Vu Viet Quang

At just 19 years old, Vu Viet Quang has already spent almost half a lifetime pursuing his love of filmmaking.

The Bachelor of Design (Digital Design) student recently received the RMIT Vietnam 2017 scholarship, thanks largely to his creative films exploring emotions and social issues. In this interview, he discusses his filmmaking and academic journey.

Scholarship recipient and filmmaker Vu Viet Quang Scholarship recipient and filmmaker Vu Viet Quang

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what got you interested in filmmaking as a child?

On my 10th birthday, my aunt bought me a Canon IXUS camera. She knew that I loved to capture nature, my daily life, and to record the things around me. After spending most of my free time learning the functions and modes of the camera, I made “A visit to Dai Nam Park”, which was my first video.

Which topics are you passionate about exploring in your movies? What message do you want to communicate to your audience?

Like others, I am passionate about discovering emotions. I often think about the dreamy romances of teenagers and that first realisation of love. In addition, I want to draw attention to school violence in Vietnam, which has increased not only in frequency but also in severity. This was the first topic I explored via my Tim Tim Production team, raising awareness amongst families, schools, and the wider public.

What has been your experience of making videos so far?

Filmmaking has improved my social network. I enjoy learning, exploring and experiencing the process of delivering a meaningful message via the language of cinema.

When I was a high school student, I produced 45 video clips in three years. In the summer of 2015, I decided to challenge myself by registering for the Toto’s filmmaking class competition. It was here that my Tim Tim production team and I won second prize. I was in charge of both shooting and editing and we were then able to produce five short films.

In 2016, I also created a two-minute infographic video to raise awareness and funds for HIV-infected and autistic children in Vietnam. Later, I produced a YouTube clip about foreigners’ perceptions of Ho Chi Minh City and received an “amazing” review from the teacher.

Vu Viet Quang and his Tim Tim production team Vu Viet Quang and his Tim Tim production team

Why did you choose to study in Digital Design at RMIT Vietnam?

I believe I can learn from RMIT Vietnam’s experienced lecturers, and benefit from its cutting-edge facilities. With a strong connection to industry, I hope to be able to apply theory in reality during industry-based projects and placements.

What do you think differentiated your scholarship profile?

My scholarship portfolio reveals my passion and creativity, as well as my own learning journey across the different stages of the discipline of film editing.

What advice can you share with students who want to apply for a scholarship in Design?

My favourite quote is "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't to work hard", by Tim Notke. So my advice in addition to this is to demonstrate how your creativity can create design solutions. Always be ready to challenge yourself in new areas, and remember to be proactive, innovative and diligent!

Story: Thuy Le

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