LumiGrade Media Founder talks up soft skill development at RMIT

LumiGrade Media Founder talks up soft skill development at RMIT

“Your environment plays a major role in your personal development” says Tran Hoang Hai, General Director of LumiGrade Media, now one of the leading video production companies in Vietnam.

The RMIT Vietnam Design (Multimedia Systems) alumnus is improving the quality of local video production in Vietnam, bringing it up to speed with other players in the region.

“LumiGrade Media was formed to promote the video production industry in Vietnam, with a focus on comprehensive content and high quality cinematography, comparative to other countries in the region,” Hai said.

“We apply high-end technology to produce corporate videos including the usage of drones and camera motion control system.”

RMIT Vietnam Design (Multimedia Systems) alumnus RMIT Vietnam Design (Multimedia Systems) alumnus

Hai explained the difficulties he faced after closing the first business he started with two colleagues after two years of operation.

“Although our company achieved success, the business was closed because of the different ways of thinking about management between the members,” Hai said, before adding, “After this I began LumiGrade.”

Hai believes that in addition to course work, it’s necessary to experience the multimedia industry first-hand and acquire the necessary soft skills to begin any start-up journey.

“The lecturers at RMIT not only impart the knowledge, but also encourage creativity, independent thinking and challenge you to learn from failure in order to succeed in your journey,” Hai said.

“RMIT gave me the soft skills I needed regarding business operation, time management, presentation, negotiation, team work, and critical thinking, while also encouraging participation in extracurricular activities.”

“I was encouraged to show creativity and develop my ideas into reality at RMIT.”

Hai is now dedicated to supporting new graduates and participates in many community activities.

“We are often working on community projects such as KOTO (Know One Teach One) or with young film-makers.”

Hai is yet another example of RMIT’s contribution to Vietnam over the last fifteen years, continuing to produce talented people who are more than willing to give back to the community which they come from.

Story: Le Mong Thuy

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