Sanrio Fantasy: The Halloween Adventure

Sanrio Fantasy: The Halloween Adventure

Are you a newbie and curious about RMIT's legendary learning place? 

Are you a long-time student but don't know much about RMIT Library? 

Or do you just want to have some fun and receive spooky gifts for Halloween? 👻

No need to be ‘scared’! With Sanrio Fantasy, you will learn about RMIT Library's services and kick off a new semester full of tricks and treats! Let us explore and delve into the mysterious land of fun and spookiness!

* RMIT VN Library x JCC x JCOR

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Event details

Page 1: Prologue

Date: 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2023 | Time: 10 AM - 2PM | Location: SGS - Booth 3A (Opposite Soya House)/ HN - Library

Page 2 and Page 3

Date: 30 Oct - 4 Nov 2023 | Time: 10 AM - 2 PM | Location: SGS - Beanland Library/ HN - Library

Page 4: Epilogue

Date: 7 Nov 2023 | Time: 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM | Location: SGS - Room 1.2.036/ HN - Room

In order to find the Sanrios, Shibaruma invites all paritcipants to participate in games that are not only thrilled but also useful for the upcoming semester at RMIT.

And what's more, your efforts will be rewarded! When fully participate in the first 3 stages, participants will receive a new ticket to the secret tea party and receive super special gifts!

Trick or treat: Randomly draw "Trick" or "Treat"

  • For trick, answer questions related to library's service
  • For treat, get 2 candies

Build a Sanrio: Arrange pieces of Shibaruma to complete a body

Find the Imposter: Describe the word from each PAPER and identify the odd-one-out in a group

Mission: Discover Sanrio characters hidden randomly in the books of the library.

Hint: Find the provided code book to find the assigned Sanrio.

Solve a crossword with 10 questions and a secret keyword; submit it for a ticket to our epic Halloween Party!

50 participants only!!!

Farewell Party: Free craft paper toys, diamond painting, bracelet making, colouring.


Farewell Party

Our interesting activities will include free craft paper toys, diamond painting, bracelet making, and postcard colouring with all Sanrio-themed!

You can also bring home your own crafts and an exclusive Halloween lanyard!

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