Build Your Bookshelf Competition 2023


BUILD YOUR BOOKSHELF COMPETITION 2023 RMIT Vietnam Library's annual events and is dedicated specifically to our BOOK LOVERS.

Through this event, we encourage students and staff to read and discover more books inside our Library, to express themselves and their tastes through books, and to build a lifelong personal library that they can share with the RMIT community.

Entering the contest, contestants will curate, or “build”, a COLLECTION of books within a theme that reflects a part of themselves or what they are passionate about.

build your bookshelf 2023


Event Timeline

Booth Activities: 20-24 November, and 4-8 December

Learn all about the competition, discover the books in Library collections and get to know our most borrowed book titles.

Submission: From 20 November to 12 December

Gather your favorite books with the same theme and submit them to our competition in PDF format or if you are feeling artsy, make a video about your collection.

Grading and Ceremony

Come celebrate the Closing Ceremony of ‘Build Your Bookshelf’ held in both Hanoi and Sai Gon South Campus, marveling at winning collections and enjoying a cozy tea break.

Ceremony venue:

  • SGS: Melbourne Theatre - 1.2.035
  • HN: AV Theater - 1.1.007

How to join this competition

Who Can Join

All students, alumni and staff at RMIT, both HN and SGS campuses.

*To alumni who cannot get access to our submission form, please submit your collection to our email:

Applicable Language

Your submission must be in English.

Submission Timeline

Our competition is open for submission from 08:00AM on 20 November 2023 to 23:59PM on 12 December 2023.

Requirements and Evaluation Criteria


The collection must have a consistent theme and introduction for the topic. 

Resources Requirements

The collection must contain 5 - 10 items and can include different types of materials (books, e-books, comics, motion pictures, etc.). 

  • Items in the collection must be available at RMIT Vietnam Library (for accessibility and exhibition purposes) 
  • If an item is digital, the contestant must submit the digital URL of the item in the collection

Content Requirements

The submission must include images (book covers, posters, etc.) and texts to narrate your collection. 

The submission must be the contestant’s original work and not copied from others. 

(Optional) The contestant should include a brief review, comment or encouragement for others to explore the items in the collection. 

Each submission can earn up to 80 points, plus up to an extra 20 points if application is submitted in video format. 

General Criteria (Total: 80 points) 

Consistency (10 points)

  • Items in the collection being in the same theme or topic (10)

Logic (20 points)

  • Well-developed structure (10)
  • Have a logical flow of ideas and effective transitions (10)

Usefulness (30 points)

  • Effectively draw attention (10)
  • Inspire others to read or to discover the items in the collection (20)

Feature design (20 points)

  • Aesthetically pleasing presentation (10)
  • High image quality (10)


Video Criteria (Total: 20 points) 

Feature design (10 points)

  • Visual Effect (10)

Audio (10 points)

  • Voice over - clarity, volume, pace, rhythm (5)
  • Attractive background music (5)


  • Each person is only entitled to one special prize. We will have 3 special prizes; 7 impressive prizes and 2 lucky draws
  • The Organiser reserves the right to substitute any one of the prizes with items of equivalent value at any time without prior notice
  •  In case copyright infringement or other problem incurs, the prize may be cancelled even after it is confirmed
prizes - 1
  • 1st prize: Bluetooth Apple AirPods 3 2022
  • 2nd prize: Sony WH-CH720N
  • 3rd prize: Bluetooth JBL Flip 6

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