Pham Huong Trang

a headshot of a woman smiling
School: The Business School
Department: Management
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi City
ORCID: 0000-0002-7383-9697

With over 15 years of experience in teaching and industry consulting, Dr Trang specialises in tourism management and marketing, entrepreneurship, and business strategy. Throughout her academic journey, Dr. Trang has been acknowledged for her outstanding achievements through the receipt of numerous prestigious scholarships and the successful completion of various grant projects. Before joining RMIT, she held esteemed positions at renowned educational institutions in Vietnam, including the International School VNU Hanoi, Troy University, ADP, and VinUni.

  • Ph.D. in Tourism, VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • MBA in Global Management, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany
  • MBA in International Tourism Management, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany
  • Diploma in Tourism Management, Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Salzburg, Austria
  • Certificate on Managing Development Projects, Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam
  • German linguistics certificate: ZMP, DHA, University Würzburg, Germany

  • Human Resources Management

  • Destination marketing and management, smart tourism, big data
  • Ecotourism, community based tourism, sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship

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  • External grant with project on "Value co-creating in destination branding, the role of social commerce", Project Number 508.04-2020.300, granted by NAFOSTED from 2020–2022, main role as researcher

  • Full scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany for the two MBAs
  • Full scholarship granted by the Austrian Development Cooperation
  • 4-year Sur-Place Scholarship granted by the Afro Asian Institute Vienna, Austria
  • Scholarship for the best students at universities in Vietnam granted by the World University Service (WUS)
  • Full scholarship for a German advanced course at the University Würzburg

Industry consulting experience in tourism management, entrepreneurship, and project evaluation, such as:

  • Consultant and project coordinator for the IND/SME/19/002/IAI project, "Training on Writing a Business Plan for Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Viet Nam (CLV)," funded by ASEAN Cooperation from 2017 to 2022
  • Consultancy in a project on "Finance and Digital Skills for Tourism SMEs", Tourism Destination Resilience (TDR) Program, granted by PATA in 2023

  • RMIT University Vietnam
  • TROY University, ADP, Vin University (hourly lecturer from 2021-2022)
  • International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (full-time lecturer from 2010-2.2023)
  • Program coordinator for BORDA Office (in Vietnam from 2004-2006) and (hourly) program consultant for BORDA headquarters (in Bremen, Germany from 2007-2009)