Justin Matthew Pang

SBM Justin Pang
School: School of Business & Management 
Department: Tourism and Hospitality, Department of Management
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi city
Email: justin.pang@rmit.edu.vn
Phone: +84 (0) 243 201 2508

A veteran hotelier turned academia, who believes that education is the way forward to building a strong foundation for the next generation of hospitality practitioners.

  • Doctor of Hotel and Tourism Management (PolyU)
  • Master in Hospitality Administration (UNLV)
  • Master in Business Administration (Aalto)
  • Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) (AHLA)
  • Certified Rooms Division Executive (CRDE) (AHLA)
  • Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager (CHRM) (AHLA)
  • Certified Hospitality Industry Analyst and Trainer (CHIA) (AHLA-STR)
  • General Managers’ Program (Cornell)

Rooms Division Management, Facilities and Development Management, Food and Beverage Management

Innovation Management, Education Management, Design Systems Thinking, Revenue Management

  • Tan, E.; Pang, J.M.; Kim, H.H. & Lo, A. (2014). Internationalization of Higher Education: A Perspective from Asian Academic Administrators. Paper presented at the Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference and the 11th Asia Tourism Forum Conference, 2014, hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Hong Kong SAR, China (May 18-20, 2014).
  • Pang, J.M. (2013). Typology of Singapore Gamblers. Paper presented at the 11th APac-CHRIE Conference, 2013, hosted by the University of Macau - Macau SAR, China (May 21-24, 2013).
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  • Pang, J.M. & Chan, Y.L. (2014). A Decrease in Motivation to join the Hospitality and Tourism Industry after Graduation- A Study on Singapore’s Hospitality and Tourism Polytechnic Students. Paper presented at the 12th APac-CHRIE Conference, 2014, hosted by the Taylor's University - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 21, 2014).
  • Pang, J.M. (2012). An Analysis of Strategy and Evolution at the Legendary and Historical Raffles Hotel, Singapore – An Exploratory Study. Paper presented at the Annual International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Research, Singapore (July 9-10, 2012).
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  • Pang, J.M. (2018). Continuing Professional Education in Singapore’s Hospitality & Tourism Industry: The Disparities between the Hospitality & Tourism Employers and the Mid-Career Mature Adult Workers. (Unpublished doctoral thesis). The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China.
  • Pang, J.M.; Wee, A. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Locally Owned Hotel Chains in Singapore. ASEAN Journal on Hospitality and Tourism, 18 (1), 43 - 57.
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  • Pang, J.M. (2020). Adopting ‘East Asian’ cultures & themes in hotel branding: A study on the M. Mandarin. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research. DOI: 10.1080/10941665.2020.1773881.
  • Pang, J.M. (2020). An Exploratory Study on Singapore Polytechnic Hospitality and Tourism Students’ Perception towards the use of Virtual Learning Environments (E-Learning). Paper presented at the 4th International Seminar on Tourism, 2020, hosted by the Universitas Pendidikan, Indonesia (November 4-5, 2020).
  • Pang, J.M. (2020). A conceptual framework for measuring human resources practices in luxury and upscale hotels in Singapore. Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Social Studies, 6 (2)
  • Singapore National Productivity Award (2002)
  • Singapore Excellent Service Award (2002 and 2003) 

Housekeeping Staff, Front Office Agent, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Duty Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, Front Office Manager, Director of Reservations, Director of Revenue and Reservations, Lecturer

Raffles Hotel Singapore (Singapore), Marina Mandarin (Singapore), Celtic Manor Resort (UK), Thistle Park and Palace Hotels (UK), Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort (Australia), Marriott Tang Plaza (Singapore), Raffles Canouan (St. Vincent), Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore).