Hoang Ai Phuong

SBM Hoang Ai Phuong
School: The Business School 
Department: Digital Marketing
Position: Lecturer, Interim Program Manager, Digital Marketing 
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Email: phuong.hoangai@rmit.edu.vn
ORCID: 0000-0002-4635-4838

Dr. Hoang is a Lecturer of Digital Marketing at RMIT in the School of Business and Management. Her research brings together computational social sciences and computer science to investigate consumer behaviour, digital business transformation, fintech innovations, social networks, social media, and methodology innovations for causal inference with large-scale, digital trace data. Corporate partners, under non-disclosure agreements, include leading telco, commercial bank, and e-commerce retailer in Asia, America, and Europe.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems, 2nd specialization in Marketing, Singapore Management University 
  • Master of Applied Information Systems (IT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Singapore Management University 
  • Bachelor of Business with Distinction (Business Information Systems), RMIT University 
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Tertiary Learning and Teaching with Distinction, RMIT University 

Digital marketing, digital business, marketing research, social network; financial services, fintech and digital banking; information systems management, technology strategy; data analytics, machine learning, computational social science; research design

Consumer behavior, digital marketing, digital business transformation; fintech innovations; social network analysis; econometrics, machine learning and methodology innovations for causal inference with large-scale, consumers’ digital trace data.    

‘Managing Smart Transformation’ research cluster 

  • Le L. H., Hoang, Ai-Phuong, Pham H. C. 2022. Sharing health information across online platforms: A systematic review. Health Communication, 3:1-13. 
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  • Pham, C.H, Hoang, Ai-Phuong, Nguyen, H.T, Nguyen, M. 2021. Classrooms going digital – Evaluating online presence through students’ perception using Community of Inquiry Framework. COVID-19 and Education: Learning and Teaching in a Pandemic-Constrained Environment. Informing Science, Santa Rosa, United States  
  • Duy Dang-Pham, Ai-Phuong Hoang, Diem-Trang Vo and Quang Tran Duc Tri. 2021. Digital Kaizen at FPT Software: Principles and Practices for Large-Scale Digital Transformations. Digitalization Cases II. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. 
  • Duy Dang-Pham, Long VT Nguyen, Ai-Phuong Hoang, Siddhi Pittayachawan, Mohammadreza Akbari, and Mathews Nkhoma. 2021. Categorizing young Facebook users based on their differential preference of social media heuristics: A Q-methodology approach. Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems.  
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  • Trung Nguyen, Duy Dang-Pham Ai-Phuong Hoang, and Uyen Ha. Improving Digital Competence of Local Authorities, Businesses, and Citizens in Gia Lai and Dak Lak Provinces: Towards a Digital Nation. Australian Alumni Grants Funds 2022. 
  • Trung Nguyen, Ai-Phuong Hoang, Burkhard Schrage, Long Nguyen VT and Duy Dang-Pham. Empowering the citizens: toward an inclusive digital nation. RMIT Vietnam Thematic Research Grant 2021. 
  • Thuan, N. H., Ai-Phuong, Hoang, George, M., Antunes, P. Improving Process Flexibility: Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evaluation. RMIT Vietnam Internal Research Grant Scheme 2020. 
  • Duy Dang-Pham, Quang Tran Ngoc, Ai-Phuong Hoang and Long Nguyen VT. Drivers of the employees’ information security compliance: novel insights from employee engagement and empowerment theories. RMIT Vietnam Internal Research Grant Scheme 2020. 

Current Ph.D. Candidates: 

  • Minh Hoang  
  • Diem-Trang Vo  
  • Long Le 
  • Giang Duong 
  • Best Paper Award, Australasian Conference on Information Systems (2021) 
  • Best Paper Award (1st Runner-up), Australasian Conference on Information Systems (2020) 
  • The SMU Presidential Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research, Singapore (2013-2018) 
  • The Young Scholar Fellowship, Pacific Telecommunications Council, US (2017) 
  • The Living Analytics Research Center Fellowship for PhD Overseas Training Residency (2015-2016) 
  • Marketing and E-commerce Mini-track Best Paper Award, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, US (2016) 
  • SMU Merit Award, Singapore (2012-2013) 
  • Judges’ Award for Outstanding Achievement – RMIT Business Plan Competition, Australia (2010) 
  • The President’s Education Award for Educational Excellence from President G. W. Bush, US (2008) 
  • 2018 – Present: Lecturer of Digital Marketing, RMIT University, Vietnam 
  • 2018 – Present: Associate Editor - Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA), Elsevier, UK 
  • 2016 – 2018: Graduate Instructor, Singapore Management University, Singapore 
  • 2015– 2016: PhD researcher, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), US 
  • 2015 – 2018: Editorial Assistant – Special Issues for the Electronic Commerce Research and Applications journal, and the Journal of Management Information Systems