Mai Do

Mai Do headshot
School: School of Business & Management 
Department: Business & Innovation
College: Digital Marketing
Position: Associate Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Phone: 0906841111

She is an experienced lecturer in Marketing Communication related courses recently for University of Economics & Finance HCMC and the University of Gloucestershire, UK. Her four years of experience working as a senior copywriter in the creative team and four years of experience working as a Lecturer in Marketing prepare her to be an effective lecturer. 

  • PhD in Business (Marketing) -  PhD candidate - RMIT University 
  • MPhil in Marketing Management – Curtin University 
  • Bachelor of Professional Communication – RMIT University 
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Communication
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Digital Content Strategy
  • Consumer Psychology and Behaviour 

Digital Branding and Digital Marketing in Higher Education

Prior to SBM's, she worked as a senior copywriter, content creation specialist, and PR Executives for various organizations. 

  • Lecturer in Digital Marketing - RMIT University                                             10/2020-Now
  • Lecturer in Marketing -University of Gloucestershire                                     07/2019-Now 
  • Lecturer in Marketing – UEF University                                                         09/2017-Now
  • Senior Copywriter – Good Look Advertising Agency                               01/2015-12/2019    
  • Content Specialist – Quay Phim Viet Agency                                          01/2018-12/2019
  • PR Executives – VEAS Agency                                                               03/2013-12/2014
  • Nguyen, A. H., Do, M. H. T., Hoang, T. G., & Nguyen, L. Q. T. (2022). Green financing for sustainable development: Insights from multiple cases of Vietnamese commercial banks
  • Business Strategy and the Environment, 1–15. [Scimago rank: Q1] [ABDC rank: A]