Mai Do

Mai Do TBS portrait
School: The Business School
Department: Business & Innovation
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South

Dr. Mai Do is an experienced Digital Marketing and Communication lecturer who has knowledge and experience teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Her journey as an educator is defined by her 7 years of academic experience in the University of Gloucestershire and RMIT University. She has lectured in several classes, done course coordinator, and conducted research in one of the largest programs in the School of Business and Management.

  • PhD in Business (Marketing)  - RMIT University 
  • MPhil in Marketing Management - Curtin University 
  • Bachelor of Professional Communication - RMIT University 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Consumer behavior
  • Sustainable development

  • Halibas, A. S., Van Nguyen, A. T.,Akbari, M., Akram, U., & Hoang, M. D. T. (2023). Developing trends in showrooming, webrooming, and omnichannel shopping behaviors: Performance analysis, conceptual mapping, and future directions. Journal of Consumer Behaviour,1–28. AL. [Scimago rank: Q1] [ABDC rank: A]
  • Nguyen, A. H., Do, M. H. T., Hoang, T. G., & Nguyen, L. Q. T. (2022). Green financing for sustainable development: Insights from multiple cases of Vietnamese commercial banks. Business Strategy and the Environment, 1–15. [Scimago rank: Q1] [ABDC rank: A] 

Before working as an academic, she worked as a copywriter and a video editor for Good Look Advertising. Additionally, she worked as a Digital Marketer and an Event Coordinator as a freelancer. Specialties: Social Media Marketing, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Visual Language, Digital Marketing.

  • Lecturer in Digital Marketing - RMIT University                                             10/2020-Now
  • Lecturer in Marketing -University of Gloucestershire                                     07/2019-Now 
  • Lecturer in Marketing – UEF University                                                         09/2017-Now
  • Senior Copywriter – Good Look Advertising Agency                               01/2015-12/2019    
  • Content Specialist – Quay Phim Viet Agency                                          01/2018-12/2019
  • PR Executives – VEAS Agency                                                               03/2013-12/2014