Huy Doan Bao

a headshot of a man smiling
School: The Business School
Department: Economics & Finance
Position: Lecturer
Location: RMIT Saigon South
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3632-6371

Huy is currently the lecturer in Finance at RMIT University Vietnam from 2020. He previously taught at University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia over 2016-2019 and Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam in 2020.

  • PhD in Finance (University of New South Wales, Australia, 2019)


  • Empirical Asset Pricing
  • Cryptocurrency

  • Doan, B., Reeves, J., and Sherris, M. (2023). ‘Portfolio Management for Insurers and Pension Funds and COVID-19: Targeting Volatility for Equity, Balanced and Target-Date Funds with Leverage Constraints’. Annals of Actuarial Science, accepted (ABDC ranking: A)
  • Doan, B., and Vo, D. (2023). ‘Minimum Tick Size, Market Quality and Costs of Trade Execution in Vietnam’. PLOS One, forthcoming (Q1 Journal)
  • Doan, B., Vo, D., and Pham, H. (2023). ‘The net economic benefits of power plants: International evidence’. Energy Policy, Volume 175, 113478 (ABDC ranking: A)
  • Doan, B., and Lan, C. (2022). ‘Stock Price Movements: Evidence from Global Equity Markets’. Journal of Empirical Finance, Volume 69, p. 123-143 (ABDC ranking: A, Q1 Journal)
  • Doan, B., Lee, J., Liu, Q., and Reeves, J., 2022. Beta Measurement with High Frequency Returns. Finance Research Letters (forthcoming) (A, Q1 journal)
  • Doan, B., Nguyen, B., and Pham, H., 2021. Price Discovery in the Cryptocurrency Market: Evidence from Institutional Activity. Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (forthcoming) (Q1 journal)
  • Doan, B., and Vo, D., 2021. Is there any Information Content of Traded Stocks in an Emerging Market? Evidence from Vietnam. International Economics 167, 78-87 (Q1 journal)
  • Doan, B., and Vo, D., 2021. Effects from Containment and Closure Policies to Market Quality: Do They Really Matter in Vietnam during Covid-19? PLOS ONE, April 2021, 1-16 (Q1 journal)
  • Doan, B., Papageorgiou, N., Reeves, J., and Sherris, M., 2018. Portfolio Management with Targeted Constant Market Volatility. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 83, 134-147 (A*, Q1 journal)

  • 2022-2023 RMIT Public Blockchain Project (leader, budget of 50,000 USD)
  • 2021-2022 RMIT Learning & Teaching Fund ‘The Blockchain-based Platform for Learning and Teaching Purpose’ (leader, budget of 22,000 USD)
  • 2021 RMIT Internal Research Grant ‘The net economic value of power plants in emerging countries’ (leader, budget of 9,500 USD)

  • Currently supervising: 1

  • Consulting work for Qforesight, Australia from 2019-present

  • 2020-present: RMIT Vietnam
  • 2020: Vietnamese German University, Vietnam
  • 2016-2019: University of New South Wales