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To support your future in business, we have created an extensive range of career focused areas of study (Majors and Minors) allowing you to customise your degree.

  • A Major is a primary focus for your study, typically 96 credit points (8 standard courses). 
  • A Minor is a secondary focus of study, typically 48 credit points (4 standard courses).

Rules on the completion of Majors/Minors

A maximum of two (2) Majors or two (2) Minors can be completed in this degree. If you use a course toward the completion of a Major or Minor, you cannot use the same course to count towards another Major or Minor.

Choose from 9 majors

A Major is a primary focus for your study, typically 96 credit points (8 standard courses). Full descriptions are available in the accordion below.

Blockchain Enabled Business

Business and Technology



Global Business

Innovation and Enterprise

Logistics and Supply Chain

Management and Change

People and Organisation

Full details of 9 Business majors

Blockchain is the Internet of Value, transforming traditional businesses across all major industries and developing new types of businesses in Web3, Decentralised Finance, Metaverse and GameFi. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the RMIT Fintech-Crypto Lab which is one of the world's first specialised labs for blockchain education. You will gain the knowledge and skills to evaluate, apply and manage public and private blockchains and their decentralised applications, as well as build your own.

Course list:

Apply and manage blockchain technology in different sectors:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • E-commerce
  • Governance
  • Entertainment, Arts or Gaming

Technology is completely changing the world of business. Learn how by studying topics such as business analytics, digital finance, artificial intelligence, digital start-up, and open innovation. Students will explore the important role of technology in organisations - how it provides business with the tools to solve complex problems, improve decision making, customer service, marketing and resource management among others.

Course list:
  • Technology project leaders
  • Technology entrepreneurs
  • Data analyst manager
  • Technology and IT analysts
  • Consultants in professional-services firms
  • Business-unit managers for new products and services
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • IT consultant
  • Digital strategist
  • Technology manager
  • Business process consultant

Economics is embedded in every corner of business and society. Students will gain the necessary skills to monitor, analyse and forecast economic trends, behaviors and decision-making processes at the individual, business, and government level. The Major enables you to understand how economic decisions are made, how markets work, how governmental rules affect economic outcomes, and how economic forces drive social systems.

Course list:
  • Data Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Economist
  • Policy advisor

Finance is vital to any business. Students in this Major will obtain real-world financial knowledge, strong analytical and problem-solving skills in financial, risk analysis and cashflow management. You will gain practical experience and expertise by using world-leading financial analysis and trading software in RMIT’s financial trading lab.

Course list:
  • Finance manager
  • Fund manager
  • Banker
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial advisor

The Major will give you the expertise to interpret, analyse and make decisions on diverse and dynamic regional, international and global challenges by using qualitative and empirical data. You will develop skills and abilities to manage business in both domestic and global contexts.  You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to think critically, creatively and morally about functions and strategies of international business organisations in competitive environments. 

Global Business is closely connected to all other areas of business such as cross-cultural management, Innovation and Enterprise, People and Organisation, and Finance.

Course list:
  • Business consultancy and market research
  • Diplomacy and foreign affairs
  • Imports and exports
  • International business development
  • International trade relations
  • Tourism and travel

Innovation is more than just technology; it is the thought process that drives technological and digital change that is critical to sustaining the competitive advantage of a company. Innovation strategy increases the ability to acquire, create and make the best use of competencies, skills and knowledge both internally and externally within an organisation. Graduates of this Major will have the ability to examine inter-disciplinary applications of emergent technologies such as Blockchain and Big Data to find new ways to resolve contemporary enterprise issues including sustainability and digital workplace, whilst considering legal implications of those technologies. Learning is further supported by a myriad of digital software to better understand and manage our technological changes.

Course list:
  • Change and innovation management
  • Innovation consultant
  • Sole enterprise
  • Enterprise development manager
  • Business incubator
  • Venture capitalist

The Logistics and Supply Chain Major provides managerial tools for you to enhance your organisations’ competitiveness in different industries, from manufacturing, services, healthcare, agriculture to banking and tourism. The Major equips you with skills to explore key performance indicators of effective supply chain, and apply business analytics and risk management in global sourcing, smart warehousing, freight and distribution and optimised business operations.

Course list:
  • Import/export manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Logistics/supply chain analyst
  • Purchasing or procurement manager
  • Supply chain and network planner/designer
  • Operations manager
  • Project manager/quality manager
  • National warehousing manager

With a contemporary curriculum linked to real world business experience, Management and Change sets graduates on the path to becoming top business leaders capable of dealing with complex issues, leading teams, and making business decisions across a variety of organisational structures in any industry. Students will build a strong fundamental understanding of organisational structures, leadership styles, and strategic capabilities while learning how to innovate for sustainability and competitiveness in a complex, contemporary and globalised context. 

Course list:

You'll be prepared to work in a range of industry:

  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Finance and securities
  • Governance and compliance
  • Human resources and training
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Operations, planning and logistics
  • Tourism, travel and hospitality

Maximise your company or team’s most valuable resource - people - to ensure that your organisation achieves success through its staff. . Improve employee performance in alignment with key strategic objectives and create a positive workplace culture that responds to both organisational and human needs.

To be a true and contemporary expert and leader in people and organisations, you will expand your learning into people analytics, cross-cultural management, legal compliance, and psychology.

Course list:

You'll be prepared to work in a range of industry:

  • Talent acquisition and retention manager 
  • Human resource development manager
  • Human resource policy and governance advisor
  • People development and training facilitator
  • Employee development and upskilling consultant
  • Employee liaison, negotiation and workplace consultant

Choose from 14 minors

You will be provided with a solid, practical foundation and relevant, technical and intellectual competence in accounting and related forms of financial expertise. This Minor will develop the essential ability of all managers under new accounting challenges to use complex accounting information as a platform for decision-making.

Blockchain is the Internet of Value and the demand for Blockchain experts is growing exponentially. This interdisciplinary Minor equips you with the ability to evaluate & develop Blockchain applications, while also accelerating your career development in Blockchain-related industries.

Students will have a set of tech skills, knowledge, and best practices on how technology helps solve complex problems. You will gain expertise in data analytics, agile project management, rapid prototyping and cyber security skills.

Students in this Minor will learn essential risk analytical skills to identify cyber security risks, assess impacts and propose effective response measures. Students will be equipped with technical skills to conduct basic cyber security penetration testing and review organisational security policies from well-established security standards and frameworks.

The courses in the Digital Marketing Minor will introduce students to various technologies and business innovations. You will become adept with the use of digital and analytical tools to measure marketing effectiveness, including customer data analytics.

Upon completion of this Minor, you will gain the necessary skills to monitor, analyse and forecast economic trends and behaviours and potential implications for the decision-making process at the individual, business and government levels. 

The Entrepreneurship Minor will help you form new venture ideas with tech-based solutions for digital start-ups and smart businesses, such as platform and app-based ventures enabling innovations for the future ahead. To be imaginative and innovative entrepreneurs, you will expand your learning into cross-cultural study, finance, negotiation, leadership, and other socio-economic contexts.

Graduates with this Minor will have real-world financial knowledge, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and will easily understand the constantly evolving finance industry. You will gain experience working with leading financial and economic databases for professionals, simulated trading sessions, as well as portfolio construction/investment in the Financial Trading Lab.

This Minor equips you to understand the complex issues of doing business across national borders and develop the cross-cultural skills required to work with confidence in any organisation with global operations. You will also be able to interpret and analyse the connections of various activities within and between organisations, countries and industry sectors. 

Graduates with a Minor in Innovation and Enterprise will have no boundaries in relation to inter-disciplinary application. With a focus on analytical approaches, contemporary issues in both the digital and physical corporate world, as well as innovation management, skills can be applied in all contexts of corporate life, from managing technological change to discerning innovation gaps and opportunities.

Students in this Minor will explore decision making, business analytics and risk management in global sourcing, smart warehousing, freight and distribution and optimized business operations. This Minor provides a range of business models for a complex business network, to guide decision-making processes regarding the overall supply chain competitiveness and sustainability.

Students in this Minor will build a strong fundamental understanding of organisations, leadership, and strategic capabilities while learning how to innovate for sustainability and a competitive advantage in a complex contemporary globalised context. You will learn how to become leaders capable of dealing with diverse issues, leading teams, and making business decisions across a variety of organisational structures in any industry. 

This Minor will help you engage with advanced talent management. Through people analytics, students can find patterns that lead to predictions on future workforce needs as well as AI-based staffing methods to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of HR to discover the right talents for organisations.

This Minor is a global outlook program, helping you to develop knowledge and critical analysis skills relevant to contemporary tourism and hospitality management. Students will develop skills in professional business communication and customer service as well as in planning, designing, coordinating and managing events.


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