Postgraduate studies in Melbourne changed my life

Postgraduate studies in Melbourne changed my life

How does a city's energy relate to creative inspiration and design? Learn from Associate Director Ha Thien Kim as she relates how choosing RMIT Melbourne propelled her career to new heights.

Choosing where to study for a master's degree can be difficult for many people, but for Ha Thien Kim, known for the popular podcast Meomeotalks, studying for a Master's in Communication Design at RMIT Melbourne (Australia) was an obvious choice due to her previous experiences as a Multimedia Design undergraduate student at RMIT Vietnam.

"Many people want to attend a different university for their master's degree. But for me, because of my fantastic bachelor's experience at RMIT Vietnam, I did not hesitate to come back and become an RMIT student again. I think my familiarity with the system and the course structure at RMIT, along with the novelty that Melbourne provides, will result in both a unique experience that feels like home but is still different enough to excite me.

According to Kim, another reason why she chose Melbourne over other popular choices such as New York, Paris, or London to study was because of Melbourne's dynamic arts, culture and entertainment scene.

"As a designer, I am quite interested in whether a city shares a similar vibe, lifestyle, and culture with me. During my process of researching Melbourne, I found out that the city has a unique architectural style and countless inspirational art museums, exhibitions, festivals and events. I view it as a city that is full of artistic breath and a heaven-on-earth for artists and creatives like me," shared Kim.

However, Kim's journey to pursue a master's degree was not always smooth. When she saw her peers who had chosen to continue working reach new career milestones such as promotions, awards, or successful job changes, she felt discouraged and questioned her decision to go back to studying.

"I used to be quite concerned about whether I was treading water in comparison to my peers. But now that I've graduated and gone back to working, I realise I'm growing faster than my friends. So, if I had to give one piece of advice to young people considering whether or not to continue their education, I would say without hesitation: education is an investment that yields a lifetime of return." 

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"My undergraduate studies and my work experience equipped me with the capacity grasp the what and the how, while my master's degree gave me the understanding of the root causes and the foundation of things – essentially - the ‘why.’ Now I have both the knowledge and the courage to take on high level roles requiring advanced strategic thinking, such as management or leadership." 

Thanks to skills and experience gained from her master's degree, Ha Thien Kim is now confidently leading her team to win many awards in the Media industry as an Associate Director at Biz-eyes PR & Communications Agency. 


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