Leveling up one's leadership: From logistics to games with purpose

Leveling up one's leadership: From logistics to games with purpose

Hao Le Thanh's transformative leap from logistics to gaming coincided with an MBA journey at RMIT. Now a Project Manager in the gaming industry, she reflects on how her MBA helped shape the leader she has become today.

Hao Le was four years into a career in logistics when the tragic passing of a friend made her reevaluate her life. She shared that the often stated “life is short” proverb made a deep impact on her, and she choose to pivot and took a job working in the gaming industry. 

The drastic shift in career coincided with Ms. Hao’s plan to take an MBA, one she notes that she conceived when she was just 15 years old. Although applying to and being accepted at a number of universities overseas, the Covid-19 lockdowns made her wary of travel, and during this time, she also wanted to remain close to her family. Being an alumna from RMIT already, taking the MBA with RMIT became an easy choice for her. 

Hao Le, RMIT Vietnam MBA Aluma Hao Le, RMIT Vietnam MBA Aluma

Ms. Hao this a focused and purposeful individual. She states that “you must be the driving force of your life. No one else should do that.” Thus, entering her MBA journey, Ms. Hao had specific goals in mind. “I wanted to know more about my strengths and weaknesses, and through academe, I knew I could find faster and better ways to progress both myself and my career.”

Now a Project Manager at Glass Egg, and managing a large energetic team, Ms. Hao highlights a few notable MBA courses and insights that translated to her workplace. “I definitely had a preconception about what a leader or a manager was. The Leadership and Management course showed me the difference and forced me to ask myself if I wanted to be people-oriented or if I wanted to be more business and KPI-oriented.  I realised that I am a people person.” Ms. Hao further notes that the Personal Branding and Authentic Leadership course also gave her a lot of insight into how to excel as a leader. 

When speaking of preconceptions, Ms. Hao brings up the gender disparity within the gaming industry, noting “the majority of my team is male, and I believe that in total, across the entire industry, females make up between 15-20%. But instead of seeing this as a negative, I took advantage of it, and work to support other women to get involved. I’ve become somewhat of an ambassador for females working in games, and I’ll use my position to promote minority groups and gender equality in both my company and the industry as a whole.”


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