Bringing a quantitative touch to the postgrad classroom

Bringing a quantitative touch to the postgrad classroom

Dr. Greeni Maheshwari, one of RMIT’s new lecturers to the business postgraduate program, is, in fact, not new to RMIT at all. With 15 years' experience teaching in the Economics and Finance department, she has made the move to Management since the past year, bringing with her a unique perspective to the classroom.

With over 16 years of experience teaching at RMIT Vietnam, Dr. Greeni Maheshwari carries a unique view of how both the university and Vietnam have changed over the years. A winner of numerous global and local teaching awards, including being recognised as a Media Star and as one of the top 21 teachers in the student led RMIT Vietnam Teaching Awards, Dr. Maheshwari recently made the switch from teaching Economics and Finance to the Business Department. 

Dr. Maheshwari’s educational journey has been, as she describes “both diverse and purposeful.” A bachelor's degree in engineering honed her analytical and problem-solving skills, and to strengthen her financial foundation and to understand the details of financial management, she took a postgraduate diploma in finance. 

Pursuing her commitment to continuous learning, Dr. Maheshwari undertook a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Global Business & Leadership in the USA and just recently completed another master’s, this time an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management. Using a holistic perspective to approach teaching and research, Dr. Maheshwari agrees that she is coming into RMIT’s master’s classes with ‘fresh eyes’ and says that she is looking to enhance students’ quantitative skills alongside their management ones. “In today’s dynamic workplace, having this type of knowledge and insight is deeply important,” Dr. Maheshwari notes. 

 Dr. Greeni Maheshwari, RMIT Vietnam lecturer Dr. Greeni Maheshwari, RMIT Vietnam lecturer

When moving into a postgraduate class, Dr. Maheshwari confides that her teaching style underwent a significant change. In management courses, she states she can expand a student’s knowledge much more. “Being a multi-disciplinary academic, I feel that implementing and integrating analytical skills with leadership is a part of my broader commitment to empower the students with a well-rounded and enriching educational experience. I want my students to be prepared for the possible challenges they will face in their professional careers.”

Dr. Maheshwari is an expert at utilising media to garner more attention for her research interests. When she won the Media Star award in 2021 while in Economics and Finance, she had been published in over 90 media outlets with a media coverage value of over 20,000 USD. She did so all in one quarter. 

“Media is a critical channel between stakeholders and management and is especially effective during a crisis. However, in this digital world, many leaders need to enhance their social media skills. Learning the right way to craft a message particularly is key,” Dr. Maheshwari says. “Going forward, I am looking at ways to implement media awareness into my classes.”

Would you like to know more about how a business postgraduate degree can enhance your analytical and management skills? Please check out RMIT Vietnam’s postgraduate webpage for more details for more details about our master’s program. 


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