Becoming a more resilient and forward-thinking professional through an MBA

Becoming a more resilient and forward-thinking professional through an MBA

How to balance an MBA with a growing career path? Learn how Andrew Yit uses his studies to enhance his HR expertise, strategic decision-making, and leadership skills. Dive in to discover more about his journey and the key transformations shaping his career.

Fresh off his undergraduate degree at RMIT Vietnam, Andrew Yit knew that gaining his bachelor’s was simply the beginning of a lifelong learning journey. With a desire to gain more knowledge, enhance his professional development and grow his network, Mr. Yit entered RMIT’s MBA program more or less at the same time as beginning a career in Human Resources. 

Currently Mr. Yit works as a Talent Acquisition officer for a Singaporean based global consulting firm. 

Jokingly, Mr. Yit stated that his first priority in taking the MBA was to ‘not fail any courses.’ More seriously, he says that he had expectations to “learn how to excel in business management and administration while also strengthening my communication and leadership qualities.”

Although just having finished his 2nd semester, Mr. Yit acknowledges that thus far, he has gained “advanced knowledge in HR practices, including in talent acquisition, employee development, and performance management.” He continues, stating that “strategic decision-making skills allow me to align HR policies with overall organisational goals and understanding the legal and ethical aspects of business ensures that I navigate HR challenges effectively.” 

Mr. Yit’s job entails sourcing, CV screening and doing the first round of interviews with candidates. From the core course Leadership and Management, Mr. Yit relates that the topics discussed in class, such as communication and negotiation, have helped him in his job. He also notes that “having an understanding of emotional and cultural awareness is essential for HR. Being sensitive to such things ensures respectful interactions, both in interviews and in a diverse workplace.”

Andrew Yit, MBA student at RMIT Vietnam Andrew Yit, MBA student at RMIT Vietnam

When asked about any lecturers that have made an impact on his ways of thinking, work and life, Mr. Yit states that both Dr. Greeni Maheshwari and Dr. Dan Fuller have done so. Dr. Maheshwari, who taught the Leadership and Management class, impressed Mr. Yit thanks to her engaging teaching style, which blended theory with real-world examples, making complex concepts relatable and memorable. Mr. Yit notes that Dr. Fuller’s kindness and enthusiasm was much appreciated and that in his Digital Entrepreneurship class, case studies helped Mr. Yit better understand business dynamics and encouraged him to think more entrepreneurially when approaching problems. 

In terms of networking, Mr. Yit admits that the experience has been incredibly valuable. Already he has been able to engage in meaningful conversations with peers, industry leaders and guest speakers. As he relates, these interactions have “enriched my understanding of various industries, business practices, and global perspectives. I’ve connected with professionals from diverse backgrounds — entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, and more. Learning from their experiences has broadened my outlook.”

Looking further down the line to the future, Mr. Yit understands that networking in the MBA program is a bridge to professional growth and will “open doors to new opportunities” while enriching his career journey.

Upon reflection, three key transformations are occurring for Mr. Yit. These are mindset, network, and vision. “My mindset has become more adaptable and open to diverse perspectives, and as stated already, my network has expanded significantly, offering me lifelong connections. My vision has changed to consider business challenges beyond the financial metrics and see them more holistically, including their social impact and sustainability.”  

Mr. Yit affirms that each day, he looks at how he can improve himself and states that: “to be the best, learn from the best and do the best now.”

You too can learn how to unlock your potential and transform multiple aspects of your life and career!  


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