AI insights from a scholarship recipient and start-up founder

AI insights from a scholarship recipient and start-up founder

Learn about the inspirational journey of scholarship recipient Vy Nguyen as he opens up about his experience in RMIT’s Master of AI program thus far, as well as on how AI impacts the financial industry.

From an early age, Vy Nguyen, a current Master of AI student and scholarship recipient, wanted to have a job where he could create new things. It was during high school that he realised his passion of working with computers, wondering how engineers were able to make programs and applications.

“I knew clearly what I wanted to do,” Vy reminisces. “I wanted my future job to make an impact on people. Fast forward to when I was choosing RMIT to study the Master of AI, I saw that RMIT shared many of the same values that I hold dear, including the university’s strategy to use tech in reshaping the world. Since I am based in HCMC, it was also an easy choice for me,” Vy relates. “My business is based in Australia, so I also like that I can go on exchange to Melbourne as well.”

Vy Nguyen portrait photo Vy Nguyen, current MAI student at RMIT Vietnam

Although young, Vy has already had a strong career in tech. Beginning as Senior Software Engineer for AS White Global, he has also worked as a Senior Frontend Developer for Codix, and Senior Fullstack Software Engineer for DFO Global Performance Commerce and recently as a Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft’s Global Partner Solutions division.

Before joining RMIT, Vy left Microsoft to follow his own path, co-founding a Fintech Start-up in Australia called Hello Clever, alongside his High School friend, Caroline Tran. This new venture is a Universal Payment, Money Management, Spend and Save ecosystem focused on Australia and APAC markets.

When hearing about Vy’s choice of following a master’s degree, colleagues and co-workers commended him. He states, “many told me it was a great career move. In my line of work, continuous learning is necessary, and I wanted to expand my horizons and learn more about the IT world.”

Now beginning his 3rd semester, Vy says that he quite satisfied with the teaching and structure of the course. “The program is designed in a way that it’s not just the technical side. We are learning how to become an AI professional. We have had a lot of opportunities to learn and think about the profession we are going to enter. In this digital era, we are surrounded by data but most of it are either fragmented or siloed, and it's AI that connects the dots and shows us the bigger picture.”

Within the finance industry, Vy realised that there was a great deal of potential for AI application. “AI unlocks so many possibilities that we don’t know about yet,” Vy states, “and it follow paths and creates values we couldn’t see before. In terms of Fintech, it helps with processing payments and connecting consumers and clients to start, but it also helps exploit business insights. AI can reasonably forecast how much profit my business will make next month, for example.”

Vy’s advice to future scholarship applicants is simple: “be really clear what you want to achieve by taking your postgrad degree and about the difference you wish to make to society.” For Vy, who’s company is improving the ways in which banks share information both within their organisational structures and amongst each other, he is well on his way to changing the financial picture across Australia.

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