Intelligent Decision Making in AI: a Master of AI course

Intelligent Decision Making in AI: a Master of AI course

Learn more about the fascinating 2nd year course Intelligent Decision Making and how it’s taught by lecturer Dr. Ginel Dorleon. With interesting case studies and a focus on problem solving, this course helps students become true AI professionals.

One of the courses taught to 2nd year students in RMIT Vietnam’s Master of Artificial Intelligence program is Intelligent Decision Making. This year it is taught by a new lecturer to RMIT - Dr. Ginel Dorleon, a Haitian national who lived and worked in France before joining the university.  

Dr. Dorleon notes that he structures his class so that he will conduct a one-hour lecture, followed by engaging the students in a minimum of 2 real-life case studies, allowing them to delve into hands-on learning activities. “I do this because I am looking to assess the students' depth of understanding regarding a given problem,” Dr. Dorleon relates. “While various software solutions exist, what matters most to me is how effectively a student can articulate and explain their answers.”

In one case study, Dr. Dorleon presented the problem that a brand-new office building is facing. There is a set of 3 elevators, but employees complain that the elevators are too slow. The company, just having spent a large amount of money building the building, won’t replace them. Asking his class what they would suggest, Dr. Dorleon notes that “one student came up with a brilliant answer, utulising critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They stated the company should install TVs in front of the elevators demonstrating that sometimes a practical solution doesn't necessarily require engineering changes!” 

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When talking about the Intelligent Decision Making course specifically, Dr. Dorleon says there are four key components: 

  • The aforementioned problem solving and critical thinking capabilities
  • Programming intelligent agents (such as those used in autonomous cars)
  • Using logic and agent-oriented programing
  • And a final project: to build a multi-agent system that requires programming a set of elevators

Ultimately, as Dr. Dorleon admits, the main goal of the course is to “equip students with a deep understanding of intelligent decision making, how to implement AI solutions effectively and to understand the foundations of AI principles. Students should also leave the course with the confidence to tackle real world challenges.”

When asked what advice he would impart to those who want to begin a master’s degree in tech, Dr. Dorleon says to just look at his own life. “Continuous change, for me, is mandatory. Just stay curious. If you are curious, you are learning more, and if you are learning more, you are developing your skills.


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