Finding your way as a leader or as a manager

Finding your way as a leader or as a manager

Leadership and Management is one of the many impactful courses offered as part of RMIT Vietnam’s revamped MBA program. Read on to discover how Dr. Greeni Maheshwari teaches this core course and how student-centric case studies as well as guest lecturers make up the main highlights for the student experience!

A core course in year 1 in RMIT Vietnam’s MBA program, the Leadership and Management course not only clarifies to students what kind of leader they wish to be, but also unlocks the skills and techniques it takes to be effective at overseeing organisations, big or small. 

Currently the course is being taught by Dr. Greeni Maheshwari, who has 16 years of experience teaching at RMIT Vietnam, out of which 15 years was in Economics and Finance Department with now 1 year in the Management Department. 

Dr. Maheshwari describes the course as being ‘transformative, transactional and effective,’ and notes that no one style of leadership is a catch-all. Instead, the course illuminates the strengths and weakness of each, allowing the students to identify their own unique way to lead. 

“Some of the specific things I talk about in class,” Dr. Maheshwari states, “is how to be an active listener; how to be open to taking feedback and hearing what subordinates are saying. This skill is a part of a larger learning outcome, which helps in problem solving, conflict resolution and arriving at the decision-making stage.”

two post graduate students one female and one male brainstorming

Like many postgraduate classes at RMIT Vietnam, Dr. Maheshwari prefers to run the course in a collaborative manner. Students are encouraged to use Canvas before the course begins and interact with the pre-readings and share their experiences in the class. The sharing from the students can be brought up as case studies in class on top of the already designed course case studies. Dr. Maheshwari notes that “there are a lot of case studies, from Google, one based on Obama’s leadership study and then, of course, from the students themselves. The students get chance to work on real-life challenges by working collaboratively, and then together brainstorm solutions and strategies to resolve the issue.”

It’s not only case studies that help students connect the dots, but there are number of guest speakers who join the course and share their industry experience. A recent speaker was Mr. Huy Nguyen, Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) - Vietnam and Philippines for Organon. Mr. Nguyen spoke about his professional journey by explaining his role into 3 parts – as a manager, as an HRBP and as a team member. He also shared a LinkedIn post about his experience stating “the greatest benefit of sharing our own journey to others is that we can learn a great deal from other perspective across the room. The more we share, the greater we learn!”

If you want to learn how you can become an empathic leader or an effective manager, learn more about RMIT’s postgrad programs.


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