Enhanced learning through AI postgraduate projects with industry

Enhanced learning through AI postgraduate projects with industry

Take a look at how final semester Master of Artificial Intelligence students connect with industry to develop a practical project looking to solve a real-life industry issue!

RMIT maintains a strong commitment to practical learning and connection with industry, regardless of program. The University’s Master of Artificial Intelligence is no exception. This program includes a one-semester course called the Artificial Intelligence Postgraduate Project. It is a unique way for students to either connect with an industry partner or, if they want, to create a project using the company they work for. 

Through this industry-led project, students are asked to develop a specific solution for an industry partner or their employer. Each student is given 2 supervisors, one academic and one from the company they are working with. 

Although spanning just one semester, the process begins 2 months before the project officially starts. This is to ensure that the solution the students are proposing have clear objectives, deliverables and output – both on the frontend (which area of AI will be developed, such as Natural Language Processing or Data Science) and backend (what is the company gaining from the project).

Students discussing in a classroom

Associate Professor Minh Dinh, Program Manager and Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation states that “this course is important because it serves a few purposes.  For RMIT, it's a conclusion to the program, it demonstrates that our students have learned something in a practical and purposeful project. From the industry point of view, it's important that the student has developed something practical for them.”

This holistic approach for each party is demonstrated in the different projects being worked on currently by final-semester students. Some projects include opinion summarisation of online customer reviews and comments for AI4BIZ, utilising data mining for enhanced banking insights and face verification for onboarding and transactions in banking, both for CIMB Bank Vietnam, and creating an AI-enhanced healthcare platform for cardiovascular patients. 


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