RMIT: Where students are nurtured to shine bright

RMIT: Where students are nurtured to shine bright

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere of RMIT Vietnam's recent graduation, many parents have shared memorable stories of their children's journey towards maturity in heart, mind and vision.

The ultimate reward is seeing one’s children grow to grasp the meaning of familial love

After graduating from Grade 12 in Vung Tau, Tran Minh Khoa was offered a scholarship by a prestigious university. Faced with the decision of choosing the right university, Khoa and his mother pondered deeply.

"At that time, my son and I were torn between choosing RMIT or the university that offered him a scholarship because, to be honest, if Khoa studied at RMIT, we would have to make some big changes to our family’s life," recalled Khoa's mother Ms Mai Thi Khoan.

But after visiting both universities for comparison, she leaned entirely towards RMIT, and Khoa did the same. Choosing RMIT, she rented out her house in Vung Tau and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to accompany her son on his exciting journey of growth as he began his bachelor’s degree in Design Studies.

Students walking between grass lawns at RMIT campus The international learning environment at RMIT University attracts many young people.

Khoa, wishing to alleviate the challenges facing his mother, took up work as a delivery driver in his free time.

"As my son’s study progresses, his academic results are very promising. Looking at the portrait he secretly drew for my birthday this year and the heartfelt words he wrote on the card, I suddenly realised that my child had grown up," proudly stated Ms Mai.

At RMIT, coming of age is kindled by the flames of intellect and passion

"My daughter’s confidence had gradually waned under the pressure of attending a specialised high school and the setbacks that prevented her from studying abroad. However, at RMIT, she could shine and be herself in every moment," said Ms Vu Thi Thom, the mother of Vu Thanh Ha, a former Outstanding Graduate of the Professional Communication program.

Throughout her university years, Ha confidently expressed herself, leveraging her diligence and creativity. Ha became familiar with the international learning environment and loved it deeply. She subsequently set her sights on applying to work in multinational companies.

"And then, what will be will be. My daughter has acquired a Canadian permanent resident card, mostly thanks to the achievements and efforts gained during her time at RMIT. I believe the knowledge, skills, and experience that she accumulated at RMIT will help her navigate any challenges, find peace of mind, and succeed in Canada," said Ms Thom.

Parents pose with a smiling RMIT fresh graduate Graduation marks a proud milestone in the growth journey of RMIT students.

Reflecting on her son's coming-of-age journey, Ms Thanh Nga, the mother of Bachelor of Commerce alumnus Nguyen Duc Anh, shared: "During his three years at RMIT in Hanoi, my eldest son Duc Anh engaged in the university’s Event Club. He interned and eventually worked part-time at several media companies in Vietnam where he accumulated experience and forged professional relationships."

Most RMIT students have the chance to undertake internships lasting from 12 weeks to a year where they engage in real-world work at companies. They also benefit from connections with career mentors who are experts in their respective fields and can give advice on job opportunities and career paths.

"In 2022, my second daughter followed her brother's footsteps by deciding to major in Psychology at RMIT. Our whole family support her and are very happy with her choice. We have enjoyed watching her radiant growth journey at RMIT," shared Ms Nga.

Thanks to RMIT, unpolished gemstones have flourished into shiny ones

Ms Tran Thi Nhi Ha, the mother of Nguyen Tri Ha Giang, proudly shared about her daughter’s achievements. Giang graduated in April 2024, having already been employed in her field of study since November 2022. She got her position immediately after her internship at a prominent hotel. Despite juggling work with her final two semesters at university, Giang was promoted within a few months.

"Three years ago, I entrusted RMIT with my unpolished gem, I am now deeply moved and honoured as RMIT presents me with a shiny one. I appreciate the university's guidance, which has enabled my child's current success," Ms Ha said.

Group photo of graduation cohort in Hanoi The 2024 RMIT University graduation ceremony in Hanoi.

These anecdotes are extracted from the community contest “Share with us: a transformation story - how has your child grown with RMIT" within the RMIT & Parents group. Join the group to discover further sharing from parents, students, and RMIT alumni.

Story by: Do Ngoc Thuy, Lo Minh Truc, David Lemke

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