Do Hoang Duc Anh: Transforming a simple question into grand aspirations

Do Hoang Duc Anh: Transforming a simple question into grand aspirations

"What have you done to help your friend?", Do Hoang Duc Anh was once asked by her father. From a small question in her childhood blossomed a powerful dream that now propels her on a journey of change, one that seeks to make an impact on the lives of children across Vietnam.

Embarking from RMIT onto the global stage

Duc Anh shines with a steadfast personality and profound empathy. While most of her peers pursue their own aspirations, she utilises her time and abilities to lend a helping hand, especially to disadvantaged children and women. Her journey in volunteer work began during her school years and has never paused.

In 2012, Duc Anh remarkably secured a full scholarship, choosing to delve into Professional Communication at RMIT Vietnam. The scholarship she earned was highly competitive, considering factors such as academic achievements, leadership capabilities, and other commendable qualities. After graduation, she worked at AIESEC in Fiji, pursued a master's degree in Spain, and presently contributes to UNICEF, overseeing projects related to meaningful engagement and skill development for children and adolescents in Vietnam.

Duc Anh in front of the UN Vietnam sign Do Hoang Duc Anh: "The RMIT scholarship served as a springboard to actualise my dreams and future plans."

At UNICEF, her commitment lies in advancing sustainable support for children. Beyond immediate assistance, Duc Anh's campaigns aim to bolster community awareness, enforce enduring policies, and construct supportive platforms to ensure a brighter future for children in Vietnam.

Continuing the pursuit of community mission

For Duc Anh, a social mission is the greatest driving force, infusing life with deeper meaning. Regardless of the organisation she is a part of, she remains committed to pursuing this mission to extend support to as many people as possible. Reflecting on her journey of community dedication, she underscores the pivotal role of RMIT, particularly the diverse experiences and rich interactions she encountered during her education here.

Duc Anh portrait photo Apart from her time at UNICEF to fulfil her social mission, Do Hoang Duc Anh also participates in many activities at RMIT.

"The RMIT scholarship served as a springboard to actualise my dreams and future plans," she shares.

The vibrant and diverse environment at RMIT provided Duc Anh with opportunities for networking, connections, and enhanced real-world experiences in social projects. Despite several years since her graduation, she believes that the experience at RMIT has been invaluable, shaping her character and offering abundant support and opportunities for her enduring commitment to social endeavours. Duc Anh has also been honoured with the RMIT Leadership Recognition Award for exceptional leadership in social responsibility.

Maintaining a special bond with RMIT, Duc Anh often serves as a speaker in discussions with the younger generation on social impact. Extending encouragement to those with ambitious dreams, she shares, "On this journey, you don’t have to try so hard to please others. If necessary, fight for the noble ideals you believe in and wish to pursue. Whether the obstacles arise from parents, family, or even from within yourself, persevere in the struggle."

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Story: Anh Luong, David Lemke, Linh Le, Kieu Nguyen

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