From business to sustainable development: How RMIT alum joins the UN mission

From business to sustainable development: How RMIT alum joins the UN mission

Knowledge acquired from RMIT Vietnam MBA program has completed Bill Ha Tran’s background in computer and information science and helped him land a job at the United Nations (UN).

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“RMIT Vietnam has been instrumental in my success,” Bill said.

“It was the internationally certified qualification and extended network that led me to undertake its MBA program.

“The MBA program not only equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills in various aspects of business, such as finance, marketing, strategy, and leadership, but also exposed me to a diverse and dynamic learning environment. It also helped me develop my professional network and connections. I met many inspiring people who became my mentors, friends, and colleagues.”

After completing the MBA in 2009, Bill joined Benthanh Group as an IT manager, where he was responsible for managing the IT infrastructure and systems of the company.

“I enjoyed my work there, but I also wanted to explore other opportunities that would allow me to become an international servant,” Bill shared. “That was when I came across an opening for a job opportunity in the UN.”

Bill applied for the position without much expectation, “as I knew it was extremely competitive”.

“To my surprise, I was shortlisted for an interview, which lasted for more than three years. It was a long and rigorous process that involved multiple rounds of assessments and evaluations by different panels of experts,” Bill said.

“During the interview process, I realised how much my MBA from RMIT Vietnam prepared me for this opportunity.

“What I gained from the program enabled me to demonstrate my competence and confidence in various areas, such as data analysis, project management, communication, and teamwork. The lessons I learned from the program also helped me to show my passion and motivation for working at an international organisation such as the UN.”

In January 2019, Bill moved to Ethiopia to start his new role at the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and then the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), subregional office in the Pacific in Fiji.

“Working at the UN is challenging and demanding, but also rewarding and fulfilling. My perspectives in worldview, humanism and life values have transformed significantly since then,” Bill said.

The UN professional emphasised, “the MBA program at RMIT Vietnam not only gave me the valuable knowledge and necessary skills that opened many doors for me but also led me into who I am today”.

“If you are looking for a quality MBA program that will transform your career and your possibilities, look no further than RMIT Vietnam. You will not regret it,” Bill said.

Story: Ha Hoang

12 June 2023


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