Meet the library team

Meet the friendly library team, find out who your liaison librarian is, and find out how they can help you.

Rex Steiner

Senior Manager, Library and Digital Services

Van Pham

Deputy Senior Librarian, Library Operations and User Services

Ha Trinh

Deputy Senior Librarian, Teaching and Research Services

Liaison librarians

Your Liaison Librarian is your main point of contact with the library. As a specialist by function and school, liaison librarians ensure that you'll get answers to all your library-related questions, whether a student or staff member.

Nguyet Huynh

Research Librarian

Trang Nguyen

Liaison Librarian, School of Science & Technology

Ha Nguyen

Liaison Librarian, School of English & University Pathways

Diep Ngo

Liaison Librarian, Hanoi

Tuyet Nguyen

Liaison Librarian, Hanoi, School of Communication & Design

Thy Tran

Liaison Librarian, The Business School

Phuc Trinh

Liaison Librarian, School of Communication & Design

Specialised Librarians

Chau Do

Digital Services Librarian

PooiWah Cheong

Metadata and Applications Specialist

Thi Nguyen

Collection Management Librarian

Tu Nguyen

Teaching and Instruction Coordinator (HN)

Hien Tran

Teaching and Instruction Coordinator (SGS)

Quan Nguyen

Library Collections Officer


Cong Dao

Librarian (SGS)

Uyen Nguyen

Library Services Coordinator

Tien Tang

Librarian (SGS)

Do Nguyen

Librarian (HN)

Linh Nguyen

Librarian (HN)

Le Nguyen

Librarian (HN)

Trang Pham

Librarian (SGS)

Phuong Nguyen

Librarian (SGS)

Library staff

Anh Le (Frances)

Multimedia Officer

Huyen Pham

Administration Officer (Hanoi)

Linh Nguyen

Administration Officer (SGS)