Vietnam Child Protection and Safeguarding Summit 2024

Event overview

The Vietnam Child Protection and Safeguarding Summit brings together a wide range of attendees to advance child wellbeing in Vietnam. The Summit has two aims: 

  •  Promote best practices for child protection and wellbeing 
  •  Increase collaboration among educational institutions, service providers, NGOs, industry, government agencies, and consulates in Vietnam 

 The Summit will offer sessions on a range of topics related to professional skill development, information on current trends, and panel discussions with experts. 

 Participants will also have an opportunity to network and generate ideas on how to collaborate more frequently on child protection matters. 

 The keynotes will be simultaneously translated from English to Vietnamese, and there are breakout sessions in both English and Vietnamese. 


Keynote and sessions

The Summit will feature four keynotes. Simultaneous translation is available in Vietnamese. 

  1. The Landscape of Child Protection for International Schools and Universities (Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, Center for Missing and Exploited Children)
  2. What Students Want You to Know about Generational Differences in Vietnamese Families (Students from ISHCMC-American Academy)
  3. Cyber Crime Affecting Children: Recent Trends and What We Can Do (Michael Allan, US Department of Homeland Security and Matthew Hickey, Australian Federal Police)
  4. Substance Abuse: Local Perspectives on a Global Crisis (Tony Louw, Learning Strategies)

Some session will be in English, others will be in Vietnamese.   

 Breakout session topics: 

  • Developmental Trauma: What Children Tell Us and What We Miss 
  • Promoting Holistic Child Protection and Safeguarding Practices in K-12 Schools 
  • Safeguarding Practice in Early Years 
  • Online Perils and Risks for Children and Adolescents: Recommendations for Action 
  • Understanding Psychotropic Medications 
  • Addressing Family Violence in Vietnam: Contributing Factors and Intervention Approaches 
  • Addressing physical abuse issues
  • Understanding Cyberbullying: Rumors, Truths, and what you need to know to ensure online safety for children
  • And many more


RMIT University Vietnam

Saigon International Schools Network

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

Organising committee

  • Lily Nguyen, AmCham 
  • Giang To, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation 
  • Sarah Curran, British International School 
  • Antony Schaffarczyk, International School Ho Chi Minh City  
  • Tony Louw, Learning Strategies 
  • Michael Tower, RMIT Vietnam
  • Son Le, RMIT Vietnam
  • Catriona Moran, Saigon South International School 



The ABC International School

British Vietnamese International School

International School Ho Chi Minh City

Renaissance International School Saigon

Saigon South International School


The American School


British International School


Please let us know if you have any specific accessibility requirements or accommodations that would enable your full participation in our events, activities, or workshops. RMIT Vietnam and AmCham are committed to ensuring an inclusive and accessible environment and want to make sure we meet your needs. Feel free to share any preferences or requirements you may have, and we will do our very best to accommodate you. For example, we can provide screen reader friendly materials and accessible parking for people with disabilities. Please inform of your accessibility requirements.


  • 2.4 million VND Non-AmCham Members 
  • 2.1 million VND AmCham Members 
  • 300,000 VND Discount Rate*
  • A free ticket is available to any attendee who cannot afford a registration fee

*The Discount Rate is available to any attendee who cannot pay the standard rate.  RMIT and the Saigon International School Network have sponsored the Summit to make it affordable. Discounts are limited so please register early.  

Reservations/cancellations must be received 24 hours before the event, and must be made online or by email. We are unable to accept reservations/cancellations by telephone.

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