RMIT Master's Experience Day

Join RMIT Master’s workshops

Activities at the event:

  • Experience what it’s like to be in a master’s classroom
  • Discover the study options on offer at RMIT
  • Learn about scholarship opportunities and entry requirements
  • Consult directly with us and have all of your questions answered

Take part in exclusive workshops:


Workshop 01: Making better decisions as a manager: Don't trust your intuition! 

By Dr Burkhard Schrage, Senior Program Manager for the MBA 

This workshop will give you crucial insights into the different ways to approach decision making. It will equip you to manage your decision-making process more effectively so that you can make better decisions and succeed in business. 

Workshop 02: Vietnam and free trade agreements: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Dr John Walsh, Senior Program Manager for the Master of International Business

This workshop will explore the nature of free trade agreements (FTAs), Vietnam’s involvement in FTAs and the ‘noodle bowl’ of agreements that exists. Get some expert insights on the opportunities, threats and future prospects for Vietnam’s future in FTAs.

Workshop 03: Going beyond managing: How to lead and inspire your team

By Dr Seng Kok - Program Manager, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship

Discover what it takes to become an effective leader who can "model the way" for any team. This workshop explores the differences between being a leader and a manager, and how you can find your own authentic leadership style.

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