Accessibility Design Competition 2020


The Accessibility Design Competition (ADC), organised by RMIT Careers, Alumni & Industry Relations in partnership with RMIT Wellbeing and RMIT Student Council is created to provide a platform for students within RMIT University Vietnam to apply their practical business and design knowledge, to real life social scenarios. This competition aims to give participants the opportunity to cultivate an inclusive mindset, make use of problem-solving skill and learn about different ways of life.

Through the Accessibility Design Competition, RMIT seeks innovative, inclusive design and ideas to enable people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities to access, function and excel in working environment. The solutions must address one of the barriers to work and employment, such as lack of access and information, misconception, discrimination, training,… The final solutions can be presented in the form of a hardware prototype, a design for communication, an ideas ready to be implemented.


  • 2nd November 2020: Open for application
  • 5th November 2020 : Opening Ceremony
  • 24th November: 1st round - Idea Submission
  • 1st December: 2nd round - Design/Prototype submission
  • 5th December: Final pitching & Awarding Ceremony


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