About the School of English & University Pathways

Immersive experience in an interactive setting

Located on English-speaking campuses, our teachers are Bachelor and Masters' degree holders with additional qualifications to teach English as a second or foreign language. All our teachers are native English speakers. 

Our story

RMIT University Vietnam has a vibrant English language learning culture that provides support and encourages success at every step of the teaching and learning journey.

We employ teachers from around the world. They are highly qualified with Bachelor’s degrees and specialist qualifications in TESOL. Many of our teachers also have Master’s degrees and strong industry experience. English teachers at RMIT University Vietnam are lifelong learners who regularly update their teaching skills.


English teacher in class at whiteboard with students in attendance

Our Learning & Teaching approach

RMIT takes a task-based approach to teaching and learning. We foster practical and emotional skills with our students. 


Reading, writing, listening and speaking

Academic success relies on achievement of these skills.

Research, presentation and discussion

Skills that will ease the way into a university ciriculum.

Critical thinking

An important skill to have for life and work, our programs enable problem-solving and critical thinking to be practiced.


Learning teamwork enables students to understand how to work together in a professional context

Your experience as an English student at RMIT

Regular, individual feedback

Direct entry to RMIT University Vietnam

Immersive setting

World-class facilities

RMIT Hanoi campus moment.

Generous scholarships

RMIT offers generous scholarships to outstanding students.