How to apply - Vice-Chancellor's Scholars

1. Submit your application

2. Receive an application ID

3. Submit a scholarship form

Step 1: Submit an Application Form to study at RMIT Vietnam

This is the application form to apply for the undergraduate program of your choice. Please allow up to 10 business days for RMIT to assess and advise the outcome of your admission application.

Step 2: Receive an application ID

You will receive an application ID from your Program Advisor, who will be assigned to you by RMIT. The process may take 2-3 working days from the time you submit your documents. 

Step 3: Submit an Online Scholarship Form

You need to reference an application ID to complete this step.

Candidates of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholars are required to submit supporting documents with details specified in these scholarship requirements. (see below)

Scholarship application requirements

You are required to submit the regular application for study to RMIT and provide the following supporting documents for scholarship consideration:

1. A personal statement (300 - 500 words) in English. In your statement, you should address the following:

  • Your intended major (program) and goals for university
  • What education in your intended program will help you achieve
  • Why RMIT should select you as a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar
  • Your relevant academic, extracurricular and leadership activities

2. Two recommendation or reference letters from teachers, community leaders or colleagues from organisations you have worked for. If the letters are not written in English, please attach translated versions of them.

3.   A portfolio describing yourself, highlighting your participation in extracurricular activities and your achievements. This may include:

  • Leadership in volunteer work or charity groups
  • Leadership in clubs or associated activities
  • Work experience gained through internships, paid jobs or volunteer work
  • Certificates or awards you have received

Note: You are encouraged to submit the electronic portfolio which may include photos, videos, documents, websites, etc.

Important things to note

Your scholarship application will only be considered eligible when:

  • You have an application ID (of your Application Form to study at RMIT Vietnam). 
  • You have provided all required documents by the scholarship deadline.
  • Your academic transcripts of the last three years of high school have been submitted to the Student Recruitment Office before the scholarship deadline.
  • A notarised copy of your high school diploma is submitted to Student Recruitment Office by 26 August 2022.

If you commence your study in semester 1 or 2 of 2022, you may still be eligible for a prospective student undergraduate scholarship. If you are a recipient, the scholarship will only apply from semester 3, 2022 (October).