How to Apply - Creativity Scholarship

1. Submit your application

2. Receive an application ID

3. Submit a scholarship form

Step 1: Submit an Application Form to study at RMIT Vietnam 

This is the application form to apply for the undergraduate program of your choice. Please allow up to 10 business days for RMIT to assess and advise the outcome of your admission application.

Step 2: Receive an application ID

You will receive an application ID from your Program Advisor, who will be assigned to you by RMIT. The process may take 2-3 working days from the time you submit your documents. 

Step 3: Submit an Online Scholarship Form

You need to reference an application ID to complete this step.

Candidates of the Creativity Scholarship are required to submit supporting documents with details specified in these scholarship requirements. (see below)

Scholarship application requirements: 

To apply for the Creativity Scholarship, you must submit 2-3 examples of your work in digital format. These give you an added opportunity to demonstrate your skills, interests and strengths in producing creative, design or digital media content.

These allow students who are creatively excellent but may not have achieved equally high standards or grades in their traditional academic school subjects to present their creative work.

Your Digital Portfolio should be carefully assembled and focused in such a way as to tell us who you are and to demonstrate – through your work - your passion for creativity and design. It should not be a collection of unrelated works and the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity.

Your Digital Portfolio may include some of the following:

  • Graphic design or photographic work;
  • Fashion drawings, sketchbooks or photographs of garments or prototypes;
  • Video, animation or motion work;
  • Sound design, remixes, or music composition;
  • Interactive work (ie. websites, apps, games);
  • Any other example of your chosen creative works in digital format.

Most importantly, your Digital Portfolio should be structured and/or narrated to explain exactly the work you are showing. It should not be left to the viewer to try and work out what the video contains. Ultimately, your digital portfolio should portray you, and your creative accomplishments, as worthy of an RMIT scholarship for creative excellence.

Format: The Digital Portfolio (Design) will consist of either a video file (max 3 minutes) or other digital files (portolio size to be 30 MB or less). It must contain a title page (Digital Creative Portfolio) and clearly include your name. Your Digital Creative Portfolio should be uploaded to an online platform (such as Vimeo, YouTube) or any other online repository (Google Drive, etc) and a link provided. Submissions will not be accepted in any other way than online. 

Note: All portfolio work must be original and created by the candidate

Important things to note

Your scholarship application will only be considered eligible when:

  • You have an application ID (of your Application Form to study at RMIT Vietnam).
  • You have provided all required documents by the scholarship deadline.
  • A notarised copy of your high school diploma must be submitted to RMIT Vietnam by 26 August 2022.

If you start your study in semester 1 or 2 of 2022, you may still be eligible for an undergraduate prospective scholarship. If successful, the scholarship will only apply from semester 3, 2022 (October).