Get ready to begin your postgrad journey

Get ready to begin your postgrad journey

Are you about to begin your first postgrad classes? Here are 5 expert tips on how to best prepare for a smooth start to life in the classroom.

Are you considering furthering your studies or wishing to upskill yourself to open loftier career goals? Or are you enrolled to begin a master’s degree and wondering what to do before you start? Based on expert advice from RMIT’s senior lecturers and Program Managers, we’ve compiled a list that will help you prepare for your first postgraduate class! 

1. Read, read, read

Regardless of what degree you are entering, you should be aware of the regional and global happenings in your areas of expertise. Make it a habit of reading several different news sites from local and overseas sources. Recommended news sites for business include the Financial Times, Fortune or CNBC. In Vietnam you can follow Vietnam Business Insider, Vietnambiz and Vietnam Finance. If you are in sciences, Ars Technica, Futurism, PCWorld or Atlas Obscura are highly informative, and in Vietnam you can check out GenK and TinhTe. Many timely news updates can also come from the big names in tech and business on twitter – so if you have some favorite industry leaders, follow them and stay on top of today’s trends! 

2. Care, like a lot

Although this should go without saying if you are dedicating a minimum 2 years to a master’s degree, you must be passionate about what you are studying.  Artists on weekends will visit museums, exhibitions and often work on their craft.  Art is not a hobby to artists; it is their life and lifestyle.  So should you be interested in and curious about business or the sciences. Thus, the point is to approach your passion with everything you have. Don’t just read the news, but join events, workshops and actively engage with communities that have similar interests as you do! 

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3. Know Thy Question 

The postgraduate experience at RMIT centers around class discussion and your lecturer will greatly appreciate it when you bring in relevant questions based on real-world events or even from your place of employment.  Tell the class what works or what doesn’t work within your company and seek new solutions together. 

4. Get your house in order

Accomplishing a master’s degree is no easy feat.  It requires a tremendous amount of determination, effort and mental strength.  As such, prepare yourself for the necessary sacrifice needed to graduate. Time management is incredibly important, so ensure that you dedicate the time to be present in the classroom. Postgraduate studies are not the kind of thing that one can do online only – your physical presence is necessary, both for the relationships you will want to build with your classmates and to prepare for the teamwork aspect of each class.  

5. Know Thyself

Speaking of teamwork, it’s important to recognise the strengths and weakness of your classmates and yourself in order to create the best team possible when tackling group work. Ask yourself what skills and knowledge you can bring to a team.  To this point, if you know what you are weak at, for example, presenting, writing or emotional management, then whatever it is, you can self-study on how to bring up the level of these weaker points!  


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