3 professional business hacks brought to you by ChatGPT

3 professional business hacks brought to you by ChatGPT

Curious about how ChatGPT can enhance your daily work life? Check out these top tips on ways you can use the hottest AI generative tool to improve your efficiency, make informed decisions and unlock your inner creativity!

Generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E are rewriting the book on how businesses operate on a global scale. As a tool, AI can be incredibly powerful – if you know how to use it well! Here are 3 professional hacks for ChatGPT.

1. Improve your efficiency

ChatGPT is a superb tool for idea generation. Need a list for content titles or for ideas to base a series of articles on? ChatGPT can get the ball rolling for you. Do you need to reply to many emails every day? Copy and paste the email into ChatGPT and prompt the application on how you wish to respond.

Tom Huynh, Associate Lecturer in Information Technology at RMIT, states: “essentially any repetitive task that your job entails can be automated by using ChatGPT. This frees up more time for you to do the important work, as opposed to the busy work. Because it can recall billions of examples to drawn upon in order to create something ‘new,’ ChatGPT can be a superior resource compared to searching the internet.”

Headshot photo of a man in his 30s wearing a suit Tom Huynh, Associate Lecturer in Information Technology at RMIT

2. Use it to help you make informed decisions*

This leads us to our second business hack, which is using ChatGPT to do research instead of your favourite internet browser. ChatGPT can help a wide range of professionals in their research, analysis or in prediction models.

Apart from conducting research on specific topics or industries, ChatGPT can analyse data and information to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities, helping to inform decision-making. It also uses machine learning algorithms to make predictions based on historical data and trends, which can help professionals anticipate future outcomes and make more informed decisions.

*However, it is well documented that every now and then, ChatGPT will give incorrect information. Thus, it is advisable to ask the program to list its sources and do some independent following up.

3. Unlock new creative avenues

There is tremendous potential when combining different AI tools to make personalised solutions or applications for the end-user.

Mr Huynh notes that one example of this cross-AI synergy is to “use ChatGPT to generate a storyline for a game concept. You can plug the text into Midjourney, a text-to-image AI like DALL-E, to generate images that will illustrate the story. Lastly you can input the text into Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech and generate voice dubbing to read the story.” What once needed a number of specialists to create, now requires one creative individual with a good idea.


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