Fast tracking a career using an MBA

Fast tracking a career using an MBA

Although jumping into an MBA right after her bachelors, Phan Thi Lan Nhi discovered that she had a lot to offer while in class with her fellow classmates. Now in a senior position at Techcombank, Nhi looks back at how her MBA helped her fast track her career.

For Phan Thi Lan Nhi, taking an MBA right after finishing her bachelor’s degree at RMIT was initially a nerve-wracking experience. The consensus was, from her peers, that she should take a few years to explore the workforce and gain real-world experience.

Undeterred, Nhi forged ahead and although she was the youngest in her MBA class, she found that the theories she had learned in her bachelor’s degree matched well with the courses, and since her senior colleagues came from outside the RMIT system, that she did, indeed, had something to offer in class.

Nhi reminisces, “At the time, I wanted to further my personal knowledge and gain deeper insights into industry before entering the workforce. The MBA taught me this, along with how to research, how to match my strengths and weaknesses with my classmates and how to do independent learning.”

Currently a Senior Manager of Digital Sales Management & MarTech Stack in Digital Transformation Office for Techcombank, Nhi notes that by finishing her MBA quickly, she fast tracked her career. “Within 2 years of being hired, I was promoted to being a manager. Some key takeaways from the MBA were how to manage the expectations of my colleagues, my boss and myself and how to best connect with others. Perhaps the main impact on my life and career, however, was how the MBA changed my way of thinking. It taught me that when you encounter a problem, your perception of it makes a huge difference in the outcome of solving that issue or not.”

Phan Thi Lan Nhi, a postgraduate alumna at RMIT Vietnam

One course that Nhi says she loved being a part of was Leadership and Management, taught by Phil Smith. “Dr. Smith was just so passionate about research and study,” Nhi relates, “and when I had questions, he would go out of his way to do extra research to help give me a deep and well thought out answer. I also really loved being in class with Dr. Trung Nguyen, as he was incredibly friendly and would really give an effort to help his students.”

With her dream job now in hand, Nhi hopes to inspire more young graduates and industry professionals to take the MBA at RMIT. “It’s challenging, but definitely worth the try.”


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