Celebrating our graduates: Tran Thi Thu Huong, Master of Business Administration

Celebrating our graduates: Tran Thi Thu Huong, Master of Business Administration

With the mission of elevating administration roles as potential career paths in Vietnam, Tran Thi Thu Huong decided to pursue an MBA's degree at RMIT. She did this to enhance her professional development and gain a deeper understanding of a leader's vision.

Tran Thi Thu Huong, who had enjoyed more than five years of success as a secretary and senior assistant, chose to pursue an MBA at RMIT to enhance her professional development and gain a deeper understanding of a leader's vision.

“As global and local businesses recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, I think there will be realistic opportunities for me to pursue higher-level roles if I start developing my skills and knowledge.”

Is Huong's decision to grasp these opportunities through an MBA a correct move?

During RMIT's recent graduation ceremony, we had the opportunity to catch up with Huong and get updates on her current work and life after completing her studies.

What's your current role?

Right now, I work as a Senior Assistant to the Asia-Pacific Regional Director at the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Global Office.

How are you feeling right now?

At the moment, I am experiencing a range of emotions - excitement and relief, but also a tinge of regret - as this journey, filled with many unforgettable and fantastic experiences, has come to an end.

What's your plan for your career and life after graduating MBA?

The future of work is moving towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-career trend. In light of this, I am not only maintaining my current job, which aligns with my long-standing passion, but also exploring new professions and careers such as training, translation, and career counseling. My aim is to elevate the roles of Administrative Assistant and Assistant Director and establish them as potential career paths in Vietnam. Moreover, with the knowledge, experience, and connections gained from the MBA program, I aspire to contribute towards enhancing the professional abilities of a generation of Vietnamese Assistants. I hope to help prepare them to excel on a global level and become masters of their own careers.

3 words to describe your experience at RMIT?

Transformational - Immersive – Invigorating!

What do you like most about RMIT’s MBA program?

One of the aspects of the MBA program that I appreciate the most is its commitment to regularly updating course materials, exercises, seminars, and guest lectures to align with the latest social, business, and technology trends. This ensures that students can stay abreast of current industry developments and adapt to real-world contexts in a timely manner.

For instance, the Business Consultation course is designed around a real-life case study of FPT’s AI company, which allows students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from previous subjects to solve strategic challenges faced by the enterprise. Additionally, the participation of senior managers from the company in evaluating the project results provides invaluable insights and feedback to the students.

How has your experience at RMIT enabled you to uncover your full potential?

I now feel more confident while collaborating with senior executives within the organization as I share a common perspective and understanding of their way of thinking. This allows me to proactively engage in research and analysis, and propose solutions to organizational governance issues, as well as take on new, more challenging projects.

The MBA program not only equips us with knowledge and tools to tackle organizational problems, but also cultivates a mindset and approach to design solutions for each unique issue. Although we may not achieve desired outcomes immediately, my colleagues and I view setbacks as valuable learning opportunities to continuously explore and experiment with novel solutions.


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