Meet our Experts: Dr Justin Matthew Pang

Meet our Experts: Dr Justin Matthew Pang

A veteran hotelier from Singapore, Dr Justin Matthew Pang is passionate about nurturing the next generation of professional hoteliers in Vietnam.

Dr Justin Matthew Pang is a Senior Lecturer of Tourism and Hospitality Management at The Business School, RMIT University Vietnam.

Before becoming an educator about 15-20 years ago, Dr Pang had a long and illustrious career working in hotels and resorts across the US, the UK, the Caribbean and the Asia-Pacific. 

He sees Vietnam’s booming hospitality industry as a wealth of opportunities. 

“In Vietnam, the people have always exuded a sense of hospitality, warmth and friendliness. But what we really need is to have consistency in service,” he said. “We want to build up the professionalism with standards and regulations that hotels can adhere to.” 

Dr Pang believes one of the barriers is the cultural perspective in Vietnam and many other Asian countries towards the service line.

“The service line is not something that many people want to do, especially because they might be seen as being a servant,” he said. 

“But that is not true, especially in Europe and America, where the hospitality line has professional accreditations and certificates.

“So, we need to change the mindset of people. People who are in the service line are professionals.” 

Learn more about Dr Pang’s views in our video:

Meet our Experts: Dr Justin Matthew Pang

20 February 2024