Meet our Experts: Dr Jonathan Crellin

Meet our Experts: Dr Jonathan Crellin

“As a rapidly developing technical industrial nation, Vietnam is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks”, said Dr Jonathan Crellin, RMIT Vietnam.

Dr Jonathan Crellin is the Program Manager in Cyber Security in the School of Science, Engineering & Technology at RMIT Vietnam. 

After earning a degree in psychology, Dr Crellin developed an interest in computing and pursued a PhD in human computer cognitive ergonomics to think about how people interact with machines.

Then, he went to work in universities teaching computing students.  

“Whilst I worked as a lecturer, I started to teach in forensic information technology”, he said.

Dr Crellin said that it is an interesting area because “it's really about understanding how people use computers when they're committing crimes to facilitate criminal activity”.

At present, emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), are gaining prominence.

Dr Crellin analysed: “On the one hand, AI can be used to make things more secure, to enhance security measures by, for example, detecting pattern changes within information systems. 

“On the other hand, it also presents us with particular challenges because cyber criminals can use AI in much the same way to leverage their attacks. So, things like ChatGPT help criminals create more sophisticated and personalised phishing attacks”.

Tune in to Dr Crellin's commentary on cyber security in this video:

Meet our Experts: Dr Jonathan Crellin

23 February 2024