Meet our Experts: Dr Dang Thao Quyen

Meet our Experts: Dr Dang Thao Quyen

As an expert in international business and human resource management, Dr Dang Thao Quyen believes in the concept of competitive advantages for economies, entities, and individuals navigating an ever-changing world.

Dr Dang Thao Quyen is the Senior Program Manager for International Business at The Business School, RMIT University Vietnam.

“I teach International Business, so I believe in the concept of competitive advantages,” she said. “Nobody can be perfect and it’s the same for countries. No country can be the best at everything, and we need to know what we are good at and try to maximise it.”

As low-cost labour has been Vietnam’s competitive advantage for a long time, Dr Quyen now urges for a shift of focus to high-quality, highly productive labour that can match or even stay ahead of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 trends.

When asked what her personal competitive advantage is, she said it’s her passion for connecting and developing people, which was nurtured during her pursuit of a master’s degree and a PhD in Australia in human resource management and international human resource management, respectively. 

“In my current work, I love bringing industry experts to my classroom, and doing consulting projects for companies in international expansion and human resource management”, she shared.

Find out more about Dr Quyen in our video:

Meet our Experts: Dr Dang Thao Quyen

19 February 2024