Le Vy: “Keep moving forward and you can forge your own path”

Le Vy: “Keep moving forward and you can forge your own path”

Formerly an economics graduate, Le Vy stated that RMIT’s postgraduate scholarship had given her further motivation to keep moving forward and forging her own path.

Learning from practical experience

After graduating from university, Vy learned more about professional marketing through her initial job in market research and realised there were many challenges in how businesses made decisions. Her main concern was whether the strategies were implemented based on data, or on assumptions based on trial and error. She raised a practical question: what if we could get it right from the start by leveraging insightful data?

Numbers speak volumes when analysing and giving solutions to specific problems. In a broader sense, data science plays a crucial role in various fields and should be used in the process of drafting important policies and making informed decisions.

Le Vy portrait Le Vy believes women can be just as successful in technology.

Vy began exploring career opportunities in technology at Parcel Perform – a platform that provides data and integrated applications in various fields such as logistics and e-commerce for global companies. Vy is now a Data Analyst Lead with outstanding recognition for her expertise.

Women in technology: Gender makes no difference

Contrary to popular belief, Vy does not believe there are any limitations for women entering technical fields. “If you know what you like and are determined to learn, all while having an innovative mindset and staying ahead of industry trends, there should be no limits for you,” she said.

Vy also noted that women, who are oftentimes more careful and detailed-oriented, have certain advantages to men, especially in coding or programming. Many women do not initially pursue careers in technology because of the seemingly dreary nature of this industry.

Juggling between her master's studies at RMIT and her current job puts great pressure on Vy. However, she considers it as a motivation while learning to manage time efficiently and adapt well to changes.

As Vy becomes more involved in technology and in AI particularly, she realises that she is on the right path. Her winning the postgraduate scholarship is not only a recognition of Vy's passion and talent but also provides her with a dynamic network of esteemed lecturers and like-minded friends in Vietnam and Australia. This is a valuable resource, helping her further pursue her career and fulfil her dream to build a community for young people who are passionate about technology. Despite the time constraints, Vy actively participates in many career-sharing sessions and serves as a mentor in various competitions for students interested in technology and AI.

Vy dreams of one day starting her own technology venture. As an experienced professional, she urges the young generation to never stop trying. “Small yet daily effort will take you to places you might not expect. The key is to embrace change on your journey while pursuing your goals,” she said.

From a humble beginning, Vy has now gained valuable knowledge and experiences which she shares in order to create positive changes for herself and the community. The RMIT scholarship program was initiated for this purpose and has been making a difference in the lives of youths for over 23 impactful years.

Story: Anh Luong, David Lemke, Linh Le, Kieu Nguyen

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