Duy Dang-Pham and his global journey with RMIT

Duy Dang-Pham and his global journey with RMIT

Duy Dang-Pham's global journey to disseminate knowledge began with a fateful connection with RMIT, particularly the scholarship program.

Going global from RMIT

After finishing his bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems, Duy received scholarships from RMIT and the Australian government to pursue his PhD in Melbourne.

In 2018, Duy was awarded another scholarship from RMIT Vietnam to study for his Graduate Certificate in Digital Tertiary Learning and Teaching. Also in the same year, he officially returned to Vietnam to work for RMIT, marking the beginning of his teaching career. He has been with the university for 15 years.

This connection has contributed significantly to Duy’s transformation. He is now a Senior Lecturer, HDR Coordinator and Designated Authority, leading and mentoring both PhD candidates and supervisors at The Business School in RMIT Vietnam.

RMIT scholarships were a stepping stone to achieving his dream of becoming a lecturer. They also reflect the University's commitment to nurturing talents through education. At RMIT, Duy had valuable opportunities to connect with many talented colleagues and students, prestigious business partners, as well as fellow professors and researchers in Vietnam and other countries. This network has played a crucial role in advancing his teaching career and research work, helping launch various community development initiatives.

Duy Dang-Pham speaking Duy Dang-Pham wishes to travel across Vietnam to share about digital transformation to more people.

Not one for idling, Duy actively participates in many activities together with his co-workers with a focus on helping social causes. He serves as an advisor for a community project funded by Aus4Skills – a partnership between Vietnam and Australia valued at AU$86.4 million, supporting Vietnam to build human resource capacity and take advantage of emerging economic opportunities. In this project, Duy has travelled across Vietnam to conduct numerous training sessions where he can share insights on digital transformation and how to implement it for different stakeholders.

"Step out of your comfort zone and embrace change"

As an introvert, he was once not entirely comfortable in front of crowds. However, his outlook has completely changed. Today, he enjoys sharing knowledge with as many people as possible through RMIT’s platforms. Teaching has become a great source of motivation for Duy, also helping him fulfill his passion for research.  

For his long-term plan, Duy wishes to continue being involved in the education and research sector while taking part in social projects. His goal is to traverse all 63 provinces in Vietnam to share digital transformation to a wider audience, contributing to a national goal based on the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 749/QD-TTg.

Furthermore, he looks to increase the diversity of his topics of interest for community projects, addressing the ever-changing needs of society, such as sustainability, artificial intelligence, or blockchain technology.

Duy Dang-Pham portrait Duy Dang-Pham emphasises “the ability to keep moving forward" and "lifelong learning skills” of young people.

From his personal experience, he strongly appreciates “the ability to keep moving forward" and "lifelong learning skills;" which are also the guiding principles that have helped him achieve many accomplishments.

"When stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing change, young people will be able to find and write their own stories through continuous learning. Daily progress counts," he states.

Duy Dang-Pham is one of more than 1,700 outstanding individuals who have received RMIT scholarships. Over the past 23 years, the RMIT scholarship program has been making a positive impact on society through our talented scholars. RMIT invites you to be our partner in carrying on our social mission.

Story: Anh Luong, David Lemke, Linh Le, Kieu Nguyen

26 January 2024


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