Blending 25% scholarship with 100% effort in the pursuit of success

Blending 25% scholarship with 100% effort in the pursuit of success

After 6.5 years of working for the largest media group in the world and currently residing in the UK, Vo Tuong Van Thuy views RMIT scholarships as a constant source of inspiration for creating an impact.

“I was fortunate enough to obtain an RMIT scholarship, which offers a 25% reduction in tuition fees,” said RMIT Vietnam Professional Communication alumnus Vo Tuong Van Thuy.  

Since then, Thuy has discovered that sharing and mentoring roles make her feel positive. She initiated a group with other scholarship recipients to reach out to high school students to instil confidence and address obstacles in their pursuit of RMIT scholarships.  

Thanks to the scholarship Thuy received, she understands the concept of giving and receiving. She aspires to motivate the younger generation and broaden the community of RMIT scholarship recipients through the “pay it forward” motto.  

Thuy worked as a trainer at Vietnam Digital 4.0. Thuy worked as a trainer at Vietnam Digital 4.0.

This inspiration has transcended into Google's community program Vietnam Digital 4.0, where she served as a digital trainer for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and rural women in the Mekong Delta and the Southeast regions for two years.   

This program, based on free training sessions, facilitates access to digital tools, thereby enhancing livelihoods and businesses.  

“I focused my teaching on two separate topics: digital business and women’s empowerment,” Thuy said. 

Thuy had joined GroupM and stepped into the realm of Wavemaker, a prestigious global media group before she started Vietnam Digital 4.0. Therefore, her lectures on digital business were based on her experiences working in the industry. 

She said: “I was 24-25 years old, while the women participating in the program were typically twice my age. ‘How can I talk and convince them about women’s empowerment with such little life experience?’ was a question I frequently asked myself.” 

She endeavoured to impart her lessons in a pragmatic way, weaving everyday stories with a personal touch to resonate with her audience.   

“I grew up in a neighbourhood with people from all walks of life, which makes it easier for me to put myself in their shoes," said Thuy.  

By understanding the target audience and tailoring the content, Thuy mentored approximately 200 SMEs and individuals aspiring to start their own businesses. Many of them acknowledged her valuable insights and stayed in touch with her, seeking further advice even after the program had ended.

Thuy recalled: “I was referred to this program by the RMIT Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE), a catalyst for digitally driven innovation in training and education.”  

Thuy (wearing a light purple dress) with her colleagues at Wavemaker Global  Thuy (wearing a light purple dress) with her colleagues at Wavemaker Global 

For her, the connections she has forged through RMIT bring significant value. 

“The scholarship has opened up for me not just career opportunities but also precious friendships.” Thuy maintains regular contact with other RMIT scholarship recipients, “many of whom have achieved success in both their careers and academic pursuits.”  

“At RMIT, numerous opportunities are available, but it's crucial to make yourself known to the world,” she said.  

Thuy could gain first-hand experience with major marketing agencies while majoring in Professional Communication. “My lecturers had previously worked as professionals in agencies before transitioning into academia.”  

Thuy was able to receive and manage real customer briefs, with notable projects including Samsung's CSR campaign and a 360-degree campaign for Nestlé.  

“I actively engaged with customers, listened to their feedback, and transformed my presentations into pitching sessions. I applied my knowledge to address customer concerns and collaborated with the brand team, an experience closely resembling agency life,” said Thuy.  

Thuy obtained a master's degree in Marketing from the University of Bath and is holding the position of Global Planning Director at Wavemaker Global's headquarters in London, in the UK.  

Thuy’s academic journey, from RMIT Vietnam (left) to University of Bath (right) Thuy’s academic journey, from RMIT Vietnam (left) to University of Bath (right)

Reflecting on her career journey, she said, "I worked for GroupM in Vietnam for 3.5 years before relocating to the UK. London's job market is competitive. It may take 50 to 100 applications before a graduate can secure a full-time position."  

Thuy humbly sees herself not as outstanding or brilliant, but she knows how to seize every opportunity, utilise her soft skills, and leverage her observations to enhance her abilities.   

“My achievements result from being exposed to excellent individuals, as I've been surrounded by many talented people and have learned from them. For me, peer pressure is a means of self-improvement and completion.” 

After years of working in the media industry and interviewing hundreds of candidates, Thuy summarised: “The most significant factors are your attitude, determination, and ability to persevere.”  

That is how the RMIT scholarship recipient can achieve significant career growth while being committed to making a difference in society.

Find out more about RMIT’s scholarship program here.

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