New app helps young entrepreneurs build negotiation skills

New app helps young entrepreneurs build negotiation skills

Most causes of startup failures cited by young Vietnamese entrepreneurs are related to their negotiating abilities, according to a new study from RMIT University.

Of the 325 entrepreneurs surveyed, 99% expressed a desire to be professionally trained in negotiation knowledge and skills.

However, there were obstacles to achieving this, such as limited time and concerns over the ability of existing training platforms to meet quality standards and learners’ needs.

To combat this, RMIT University, in collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology and MVV Academy developed a free online learning app, DOST Training to support entrepreneurs to strengthen their negotiation skills.

RMIT’s research team leader Dr Pham Cong Hiep described negotiation skills as “important to entrepreneurs, especially for  startups".

“Startup entrepreneurs often have to introduce new products and convince customers of the product value,” he said.

“Even at this early stage in the process, well-developed negotiation skills are essential to be successful, and will serve the startup entrepreneur beyond that, throughout their career,” he said.

With the aim to provide a flexible and reliable training platform, the DOST Training app is available for iOS and Android devices, and integrated into cloud computing and mobile platforms, allowing learners to acquire knowledge anytime, anywhere and at any level of competence.

news-1-thumbnail-new-app-helps-young-entrepreneurs-build-negotiation-skills The DOST Training app can be installed for free on iOS and Android devices.

Delivered in multiple formats including video, quiz, online feedback, and discussion forum, the course content covers four main topics: negotiation overview, winning negotiation strategies, effective communications tactics for successful negotiation, and professional handling of rejections.

The video lectures, delivered by successful entrepreneurs in particular, provide realistic problem-solving strategies in a way that helps learners absorb the knowledge quickly.

news-2-new-app-helps-young-entrepreneurs-build-negotiation-skills The DOST Training app provides high usability and interactivity.

The RMIT research team noted that while there were currently many learning opportunities online for startup entrepreneurs on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, most of these had not been formally vetted in terms of content, unlike the DOST Training app.

With a plan to build a community of startup entrepreneurs with a mutual need to learn and cultivate negotiation skills, RMIT University and the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology see the app’s role to evolve to a platform for community members to share practical negotiation experiences and lessons.

Download the DOST Training app for free on iOS and Android.

Story: Ngoc Hoang

07 January 2021


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